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Thursday, December 18, 2008 Jonette 0 Comments

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My clock now officially reads 1:35pm. I really need to put down my corset project for today. I've been seam-ripping and putting certain parts back together and hemming this since 10:00 am. I've been hemming since 10:00 am on only four hours of sleep. I officialy must be insane.

Haaaay... Y'see, this is exactly the kind of thing my boyfriend scolds me for, and not in a Donna Summer kind of way. I really need to discipline myself when it comes to activities and time management. Once I start, it's really difficult for me to put something down until I see it take some form close enough to how I'd envisioned it. I think this is something I got from my mom.

The fact that a small-sized serving of coffee kept me wired for most of the night does not help. At all. *mighty sigh*

Well then. Might as well suck it in and head off for a bath. (No, Subconcious, you are not going for another corset-run. No, that does not take "just a teensy while". I've put away the sewing machine, and tied up the cord. I mean it.)

(Hmm. Surprising fact: Donna Summer once sung for a Pokemon Movie. Who'da thunk?)

On a more positive note... Yesterday was very good proof that God is a DJ.

You know you've grown with someone for such a long time when you hear tunes you disliked as a teen and now find yourself singing along to (once more, with feeling! and emoting!), not because you know he likes them but because you sincerely and secretly(!) rocked out to them all along.

These made my day.

Bon Jovi

So, tell me... what song is playing in your head right now?

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