Rain sometimes makes it better.

Sunday, August 15, 2010 Jonette 2 Comments

Hi, everyone.

I'm writing this wee post from James' place. He's dressing in the bedroom, and we'll be stepping out into the rain to get him a new video card for the computer.

The real treat of it all, I think, is (and I hope) the rains will be light, there'll be faint thunder rumbling ahead, and we'll be travelling by rail. It's been a while since we rode the MRT to anywhere, really. It'll be just like college again, with going anywhere, playing hooky sometimes just to explore places, eat together, and simply spend time in a remotely foreign place.


We're both grown up now (or at least, some folks think we are or ought to be), and I'm still really glad we can enjoy simple things like these.

What simple things do you enjoy on rainy days?


  1. Thanks, 'Yam. I'm glad it did. :)

    It was a really quiet day, and we were rather pooped after. All that walking and exploring, I guess.

    Wait! You haven't answered the question yet! ^_^*


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