Rows and rows and rows of tulle, rows and rows and rows of tulle...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 Jonette 7 Comments

Such a long title for such a short post!

First off, The past two weeks have been positively grand. I still have news to share with you about our experience at the Metro ComiCon last, last week. I can certainly promise you that one will be a picture-heavy post.

I'm just really glad that about 20% of my personal everyday petticoat is (finally!) sewn, after much self-inflicted bum-kicking. Pro-cras!-tination. The culprit? Facebook games, specifically, City of Wonder.

I really must be off to bed now -- the learners are coming back from their summer vacations in droves, and have a ton of stories to tell -- so I'll leave you with a stolen shot I took in my managers' office on last Friday's after-shift.


  1. I am loving the shades of your photo. Made me looks for some purple shirts in my dresser and *gasp* I don't have one! :( How can it be? DK and Una received purple shirts from SIL and I don't have one. A shame, really.

    I also received Esprit shirts from SIL but they're in other colors. SIL's gifts are always something me and my sister look forward to because we can't afford it, hahaha!

  2. Hehe, thanks! Now that you mentioned it, believe the one shade I don't have in my closet is green. Yet.


  3. SIL = sister-in-law. :D

    I think I have one green, from SIL too. Now that I looked into my clothes, I realized that my red shirts are missing. Must have lost it in Ondoy. Most of my shirts now are in white, black, some gray, yellow and pink. Hay, there used to be a time in my life where the colors of my socks, undies and band-aid matched. I was a paper cut h00r then, lol!

  4. OMG! Alf! Parang flashback ahahaha.

    And as for Metro Comic Con -- I should also start taking pictures of the haul. I forgot to blog about the comics. ARGH. Must post too! Thanks for the reminder :D

    Can't wait to see your personal petti :)

  5. @Gene -- Ack! Sister-in-law! *facepalms*

    Hey, you and me both. But my matchy-matchy phase was rather crazy back then. Can you say uber-colorful ankle socks?

  6. @Clair -- Yeah! Boss Cay has a fondness for cool stuff. she even has a stuffed Eduardo from foster Home for Imaginary Friends guarding her seat. the managers' office is cool that way. :D

    Naku! You and me both. Now if only the Internet didn't conk out on us... D: there is also a humongous amount of pics I took for the petti, so I hope you can stick around for that. ^_^"

  7. I love your petti <3 It's soooo awesome. How did you go to work with it btw? I usually bring the petti and wear it when I get to the place where I need to be a bit dressy~


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