Ureshii: 16

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

 Hello, beautiful people. I can't think of anything else right now; my head is too filled with a warm fuzzy feeling of happiness and gratitude. 

  • Tweed finally came home! After two weeks of vanishing from the homestead, our beloved prodigal son has finally come home -- and so thin too! Friends are speculating he's gone to sow his wild oats. That's very plausible, really. Or -- perhaps he had a job to do for the Dream King.

    Update: Tweed went missing. Again. *sigh* He's on the tough climb to manhood, that one.

    And speaking of the Dream King... 
  • Thanks to James' inborn ability of finding good reads, he unearthed complete scanned volumes of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman -- right in my hard drive. Along with a number of other treasured graphic novels by the Prince of Stories. Yep. I had no idea I had such a cache hiding in my backyard. Go me. I am currently in the middle of Fables and Reflections, and I must admit, it's nice rediscovering Neil Gaiman's writing. 
  • A new haircut. there's nothing quite like taming unruly waves and feeling your hair sigh in relief. Well, not that there's anything wrong with wavy hair. My waves are natural, and I'm rather proud of them. As a matter of fact, I can't wait to wash my hair out to see how my waves will react to the cut.

    Pictures, as promised.

    Here is Normal... 

    ...and here, we decide which one is the creepiest.
  • Painless bill-paying. Lo and behold, the electric company sent us an ambush bill last weekend. The gyst of it goes thusly:

    Hi guys. Hey, you remember that time when you reported your meter went wonky, it took us quite a while to get to it, and you went by with only having to pay P5.00? Well, we did the math, and now you actually consumed P1,820.00 worth of electricity then, so do pay up in ten days or say goodbye to your electricity. Kthanxbai!

    Right. totally not cool, specially with the lean lesson-count season.

    It was a good thing I decided to head to the office and see if I could pay for it in installments. True enough, the expense is now divided into three, the first part answered for, and the next one to be paid on September the tenth. Aaaaah.
  • Fishballs and kikiam in all its dusty, deep-fried, authentic street food goodness. It\s been a while since I relished the stuff -- can you say college? -- and by the gods, it's still just as good. I still have fond memories of cool, class-free afternoons in the University of the Philippines, hanging out and lunching on fishballs, chicken-balls, and other goodies. There'd be times when James I didn't have much between us and we'd be hungry, we decided on buying a boat of fishballs-- roughly twenty pesos, for 40 pieces --, load it with ketchup, mustard, and even pickles sometimes. that, plus two cups of rice was we needed to get happy and fed. Ha! 
  • Wow! I tinkered with the Free Nature Sounds website, saved what I made, and put it out there for the world to listen to. Imagine my surprise and elation to find the very same file make it to the Top 10 Played list on the page! Whoddathunk, right? ^_^* 
  • Mink looking like this. Look at this face and tell me you didn't smile. 
  • A tall canister of instant oats + a packet of milk parked at my workstation. Never go hungry, and never give a lesson on a growly stomach. Besides, I like creamy oatmeal. S'good for the heart, is is. ^_~*
  • Learner: Oh, I love ancient civilization.
    Me: Ah! you are like Indiana Jones.
    Learner: Oh no, I do not need to find Germans. I have one beside me; it's my wife.
    Me: I see. TYhat gives a whole new meaning to the word "Commander".
  • Internet and a phone line for the house again!Very soon! Yay! 
  • Finding my Dad on Youtube! Or at least, a segment of his concert. My dad Joey Valenciano gave a concert along with a number of other musicians March this year. The concert was named Streams of Wonder -- aptly named as a defervescence, a relief from the blistering summer heat. The concert was divided into two parts. The first, my dad on sitar accompanied by Mr. Chandrajit Wasu on Tabla. the second was a jazz ensemble with me dad on drums, Mr Jun Cadiz on piano, Tito Ruben Reyes on bass, and Mr. Joey De Guzman on saxophone.

    This article is short, but it's enough to make my heart swell.
  • Why yes, that's my dad up there. This is one proud daughter you're reading, yessiree.
  • My good friend (and blog designer extraordinaire) Carlo is assembling and weaving precious things for me. The above picture is a teaser to one of them. Ohohohohoho! What lovelies they be!

    Alright, your turn. Tell me why your week or day is rad. Awesome things are good for you. 


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