To greater heights

Thursday, August 19, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

See Mink. See Mink climb. Climb, Mink, climb, and oh my, don't you dare go somewhere I can't reach because Mummy needs to go to work now and she needs you to sit still for a few seconds, and don't you dare scamper out of  the house, young lady! you come back here, right this instant!

Ah yes, kittens. Before having children of your own, I really do recommend getting a kitten or a puppy. See if you have the patience, the fortitude and the staying power to keep your sanity intact after keeping it from chewing computer and phone wires, clambering all over the keyboard or a book you're reading, or sampling your breakfast. If you manage to keep yourself together after all that and more, congratulations -- you just might have the slightest chance of surviving parenthood.

Not that I've known. I just have the faintest idea of what it's like to raise a kid from my aunts and uncles.

In hindsight -- Wow. What I must've put my own parents through those formative years!

Le sigh.

I am most pleased to say I am writing this blog  post from the wriggly, cozy comfort of my home. (I say wriggly, because Mink is quite adamant about inspecting and padding about the keyboard as I type.) The telephone installation crew came over this morning to do what they do best, and now I am officially connected to the rest of the human race via internet and a landline. Huzzah! 

So, this ought to mean more frequent blogging. This also means I ought to be sewing and cooking more. A-hmmmmm.

Speaking of cooking, James and I have finally secured a decent grill-pan! Huzzah! I fully intend to christen it with a recipe from Meream's book soon.

Then of course, there's the everyday-petticoat project for moi. Oho. Ohohohohohohohoho.


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