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Hi everyone, and welcome to all-new, tasty-fresh, and piping-hot edition of Ureshii! It's been a while since my last ureshii post, and it's good to be back in the swing of things.

Things I am thankful for:

  • Sewing again. Aside from the eco-bags you've probably already seen, I've begun cannibalizing my own petticoat to re-sew and fit it according to Susan's measurements. For all the work I have cut out for her, she'll need the extra poof, not me.
  • Reminiscing with James about schoolyard treats and comics over a spaghetti breakfast. An assortment of candy, chibi Street Fighter stickers, plastic Ultraman inch-high figures, and twenty-peso comics that made our fingers smell of glorious dusty newsprint. Yeeeeeeeah, those were the days. 
  • Spending time with lovely like-minded folk like Mary, Fai, and Arman talking about creativity, confidence, public opinion, and doing what you have to do, for you. I'm also very thankful for friends like TJ, Anton, Adrian, and Mezarc for pointing me to right direction and widening my creative "review of related literature". 
  •  Relishing two of Nick Bantock's books -- Griffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence, and The Museum at Purgatory. Many, many thanks to Fai for letting me in on this new pleasure. Mr. Bantock has this gift for creating characters and telling stories through crafting almost anything he can set his mind to -- fake correspondence, tops, games, stamps, postcards, you name it. The Museum left quite an imprint on me, and I find myself wanting to tell stories with the same caliber that he does, in my own way.
  •  Making a speech for PJ for her wedding day! Omigoshomigoshomigosh. So stoked! Again, take it way, Rainbow Dash. 
  •  Playing catch-up with my dad and grandmother on the telephone. It's been five months -- five months! -- since I last saw them. Talking to them and taking in their wisdom and experience is a balm to my soul.  
  •  The Avengers. Need I even say more? This movie, I like it. Another! Joss Whedon is our king.
  • I er, think I just became a Whovian. I just became a Whovian! Woo-hoo! I have currently added Doctor Who to my roster of loved shows, and I am love-love-loving it! The Ninth Doctor is a pretty cool fellow, and I can't wait to see more of his adventures. I'm also looking forward to meeting the Tenth and the Eleventh! Bowties. Bowties are cool. 
Aaaand, that's it for now. Allow me to leave you with the TARDIS, and may your adventures be ever amazing! 

*Psst. Plus points for getting the references in the list up yonder!


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