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Thursday, June 14, 2012 Jonette 4 Comments

Finally, some semblance of order in our apartment!

This is what happens when I get up earlier than James, see to the litter box, and decide that some empty boxes have just got to go.


Ignore the flat iron. He's kinda lost.
And the torn-up cardboard box. I'm working on that. 

I fully intend to administer the same kind of treatment to the rest of the corners of our pad's first floor. It's just going to be... tricky.

In other parts of the apartment, I've also rediscovered the charm of hanging up framed art.

Allow me to introduce one of my favorite pieces to you:

 Five points for who this couple is, five more for where they are, and ten if you can tell me what his hand is doing on her breast. (Mind out of the gutter! That's my job.) 

I thought, "hey, this would really look great on our bedroom door". My inner lech was wink-winking and nudge-nudging as I turned the piece over, and... 

"Aw, bummer, nothing to hang it from!" 

But wait, what's this? 

Well. Looks like I've got a re-purposed butterfly shadowbox on my hands.

(For you inner-entomologists and plain curious out there, here's what a Vindula arsinae looks like.)

An hour and a half later, the art piece was hanging quite nicely from our door. (bendy wire, industrial-strength superglue, and extra cardboard works wonders.) As soon as I can bring home a fresh pack of sticky mini-hooks, I've got one with Gimli's name and mug on it. 



  1. Can I have Susan? I think I like her. Hehehe!

    Hi!!!! It's been a while.

    1. Hi there! Yes it has been a while, and no, you many not. I got her in a store just outside the Tutuban Circle Mall, and you can too. :D

  2. I've been cleaning up my work area, too—only I do it when everyone's asleep because I work better when alone haha It really helps to inspire you when you've got neat surroundings!

    1. Haha, I agree. I can only seem to be in the zone when I'm alone very late at night. Seeing clutter-free space also helps a lot with thought clarity for me.


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