Videos + Music: Steam Powered Giraffe

Friday, June 08, 2012 Jonette 0 Comments

I have weird crushes. And I revel in them.

When a particular group or person has two or three of my favorite things wrapped up in on gorgeous package, that makes me crush on them even harder.

Take Steam Powered Giraffe, for example.

Wasn't that awesome? See me beaming with glee and making my cheeks ache from all the smiling. I can't stop rocking out, and no, you can't make me.


Steam Powered Giraffe is composed of three robots built by a certain Peter A. Walter I in the year 1896 : Rabbit, a copper clockwork android with charming brows and vents on his cheeks; The Spine, a deiselpunk robot with very human-like mannerisms, and The Jon, an art-deco robot who runs on Crystal Pepsi. Every time they take to the stage, madcap miming, jokes, sketches, three-part harmony and great music are sure to fill the concert hall. The trio and their band are often seen performing at the San Diego Fair, the San Diego Zoo, and distinguished halls all over.

I'd like front-row seats to your next show, fellas.

Enough! More music! 

Here's another song to whet your appetite, and a great example of why I've developed, uh, kind of a huge crush on The Spine.

A-hem. Right.

These guys never fail to perk me up after a tough day at work, or any time a great mood and slightly dance-y disposition is of the essence.  Their songs make me dream of happier, more stylish, more playful, more care-free times. Their music makes me want them back so.

I'd like to leave you with one last song of theirs that sets my heart all warm and aglow, and makes me want to cuddle up to a certain someone I know is waiting for me at home right now.

Hope you enjoyed the music of Steam Powered Giraffe!

PS: To get more SPG, I wholeheartedly encourage you to click this finely-crafted link. If you'd also like to  buy their music, their page on iTunes can furnish you with their own pleasurable brand of exquisite aural vigor and delight.


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