Ureshii + Calooh Callay!

Saturday, June 02, 2012 Jonette 0 Comments

Hi, everyone, and welcome to a delightfully conjoined post of my two (mostly) weekly segments. 

Things that made me happy this week: 

  • Being well-taken-care of. I've unfortunately had to stay home on absolute voice rest for majority of the week due to the combined efforts of laryngitis and pharyngitis. (Wow, talk about another two-in-one.) However, it feels great to be pampered and seen to by James. Our days have been idyllic and quiet, and all in all, I think this was the kind of rest I was looking forward to. 
  • Hot shrimp porridge in the morning. 'Nuff said. 
  • Currently savoring Catching Fire of The Hunger Games trilogy. I'm constantly a ball of emotional emotions when I read it. Yes, you read that right, it makes my emotions have emotions. God, that President Snow, I hate him. And Peeta! Poor bebe.
  • Anime I love right now -- Aquarion EVOL (great opening and ending music themes, great character development, and oh the relationships!), Acchi Kochi (for light-hearted fun), Sankarea (love and zombies), Kimi to Boku 2 (the hijinks these boys get into), Medaka Box (I swear, that girl does everything --  and can do everything -- in epic proportions), and Tsuritama (for the bright colors, fun art, and fishing trivia!)
  • In this cold weather, the cats are perfect hot water bottles. They vibrate, too. 
  •  Tidying up corners in the flat. It feels good to be able to do some focused cleaning. I've still half a mind to toss out certain boxes we don't need anymore, though.  
  • Bonding over Immortal Throne and lean pizza. While most of the gaming world are right now slugging it out with demons, abominations, and surprise error stops in Diablo III, James and I have gone Greek and hunt satyrs, cyclops and medusae. My Corsair and his Soothsayer are getting along quite famously. Yes, the family that plays together, stays together. 

Callooh Callay!  

  • Manga reads -- Ooku. An epidemic in Edo-period Japan has wiped out three-fourths of the country's male population. Women have taken on traditional male roles in the home, on the streets, even in positions of great power. Male survivors, the seed-carriers, are deemed precious, and the most beautiful of them are sent to serve in the Shogun's Inner Chambers. It's a very intriguing view on gender roles, politics, and relationships, rendered in archaic language. 

 This amazing child. I have no words. 

Help, I can't stop listening to and watching this video! 
Or maybe you can just watch this with me. 

There's this unsettling and manic quality to the song 
that I find prettily rendered when paired with the video.

While the original version can be quite the kawaii earworm,
I like this male version a lot more.

And, that's it for my list. What made your week?


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