Ang Bandang Shirley Scary Debut! W00t!

Saturday, October 25, 2008 Jonette 0 Comments

Dear Ladies and Gents, I am very proud to announce that the Scary Debut album launch for Ang Bandang Shirley was a complete success! There were awesome people and awesome costumes to be seen, drinks to be had, and hap-hap-happy dancey music to rock to! True, my head and feet hurt from the heels, the cigarette smoke, head-nodding and dancing, but what the hell! My cousin-aunt Selena and her bandmates are made of unadulterated, authentic, concentrated joy and awesomeness, and make up 100% of your daily dietary allowance of Happy!

Pictures and videos shall follow shortly, soon as I retrieve my uploading cable from my workstation. At the office. (Silly, silly girl.) a shout-out to NineMoons and Guia for taking time off their busy schedules to head-nod, dance, and join the throng of costumed indie-folk and music lovers.

Copies of the album was sold as the band played, and it features a pocket-sized and headphoned pinoy Kokeshi doll, looking askance at cork stamps and petite religious items. The back cover shows the same doll at rest, snuggling on the warm comfort of a cotton towel serving as insulation for tasty, piping-hot balut. (Subliminal Message: Buy the CD. You want to buy the CD. You must buy the CD. You will buy the CD. Tomorrow!)

For the non-Philippine-bound readers, do feel free to enjoy the band's unique sound with this finely-crafted playlist.The songs may be in Filipino, but the music will make you want to fall in love with Living all over again.

Ang Bandang Shirley Sampler


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