The Birthday Dress: Raise the Hemline

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 Jonette 0 Comments

... and alternatively titled How I May Have Had a Terrible Lapse in Judgement of Taste.

Remember The Birthday Dress? Right. I was all too happy to finally go on a long break for my birthday last week with every intention of resting, baking, and sewing, sewing, sewing my eyes out.

Hm. That didn't quite come out all too pleasant.

Come to think of it, with a lineup like that, I'm not going to get much rest done, am I? Well...The first project aching to be finished was the Birthday Dress. With the straps repositioned, it needed to have its hem shortened, and how. Just how much?

Ye Gods! The Large Viking Sings!

I'm sure the feeling is mutual.

Of course, as always, before doing any snipping or sewing, I put the dress through a good hot iron pressing to make sure I'd cut precisely and evenly. I was pleasantly surprised to find the dress' material was soft, silky, and cool to the touch after a session with the iron.

Next, came the cutting. And sewing in the hem.

And here we are.

The dress seemed like a pretty good idea at the time. So did taking it out for a test run at work. It went fine at the start, but I slowly started realizing a lot of other things I could do to make it ehem, decent.

  • Invest in a good strapless or convertible bra. I couldn't help but wince at the realization, but I swallowed it down all the same. I've had a terrible history with the strapless bra, and was reluctant to try one one again. Nonetheless, no matter what your bust size is, all women need support in one way or another. (and that goes for me, too.) If you're big busted, like me, it's imperative you get your loveys the support they need. they do deserve to look good too, after all.
  • In this regard, I believe small-breasted ladies have something very good going on for them, too. Most fashion options are very much open to them, and going sans bra can be quite chic or indie, depending on how well they can carry it off. It's all about attitude and confidence. Which brings up a lesson that demands to be written:
  • If you're a busty woman, for god's sakes, don't go out without a bra! As mentioned above, your lovelies deserve all the love and support they need when stepping out, too. However, if you're absolutely positive about the lift and firmness of your lovelies and can brave the stares, whispers, giggles and whatever pettiness people can do, I salute you. (Heck, if you can pull it off with flair and panache, come see me and I'll buy you a drink!) Although I do admit, I'm rather partial to nipple petals or pasties. For a much more comprehensive look at going braless in public, here's an impartial view on the subject. ( Warning: if your bosses or coworkers go white at the sight of boobies, perhaps it's best to read the article at home. ^_^")
I've half a mind to sew up a bit of lace to the bodice to give it a Sabrina neckline, or to modify the straps and add small sleeves to give it an off-the-shoulder look. (Puff sleeves might be nice.) The goal? to raise the neckline a few inches higher, at least two to three inches below the collarbone.

Bottom line? It's no use scandalizing your workmates and bosses, or giving them the fright of their lives... unless you enjoy doing so with unapologetically irreverent glee. (It might be a good idea on your last day of service before moving on to the next job, if that's your thing. ^_^"")


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