Pundar Part 2, and as other small happy things

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 Jonette 0 Comments

Because I can't get Carl Sagan out of my head.


Last Sunday, James and I managed to get some hardcore home shopping done. James is fantastic: he managed to find all the items we needed -- metal polish, three types of screwdrivers, rust remover and lubricant, lock-and-key doorknob, heavy-duty sliding-door lock, and a three-layer television-and-whatnots rack -- all in the hardware store, of the best quality our money could buy (and wow on the quality!), and in under 20 minutes. The man knows his stuff and is amazing. (and I'm squeeing because he's mine. ^_^*) We even had enough time to goof off with some of the tools "in case of zombie attack", haha.

So there: most mini-indoor household concerns are over and done with, and now there's just cleaning up and segregating the DVDs, jump-starting the refrigerator back to working condition, fixing the soaked kitchen cupboards (whose bases are currently in danger of giving way -- yikes!), as well as having the roof looked at and ultimately fixed.

Piece of cake.

Oh look, another distraction!

So, Monday afternoon, after getting our home affairs in order, we left for early lunch at Dell's (at Eastwood City's Citiwalk avenue),  a cafeteria resto near my workplace. We love eating at places like these: the food was cheap, the ambiance and presentation was fun, and the food was surprisingly very good. ^_^*

What did we have? a cup of fried rice and a viand each -- he took creamy fish fillet, I took sizzling sisig--, coconut juice & a slice of Sansrival cake for him, and sago't gulaman & a sylvana for me, all under the tidy price of P355.00 (that's $7.80 or €5.92. Good for two very hungry people. Ha!) Alas, alas, the Razon's just next door had just opened, and we were too full to even accommodate a serving of halo-halo between us. Why do you teas us so? One day, Razon's, one day.

I love our date lunches. It's the joy of discovering cool, affordable, and delicious places to eat, and the afterglow of a meal well enjoyed. We managed to haul ourselves out of our seats, and walked off the food (or was it waddled?) our way to the taxi bay to see each other off. Ah, happy. <3

I've currently set to work on knitting myself a scarf (yes, this time, it'll be for me) in the DMC Senso Harlequin thread I picked up from the Dreams Yarshoppe in Glorietta 5 in Makati. It's going to be a simple Feather-and-Fan, Feather-and-Fan, Feather-and-Fan, then knit-one-purl-two pattern, then end with rows of Feather-and-Fan again. This should be over and done quickly.

Another officemate of mine wants to have these babies crocheted for his lovely lady, and they are awesome-rad. Which reminds me... Clair and I really must get around to our knitting date so we can hopefully work up our way to this. Then there's also these. (To heck with Stephenie Meyer, I just want to make these arm-warmers!)


One of the sweetest, most positive evolutionist songs I've ever heard. Far as I've heard, anyway. :)


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