Reproduction Victorian Maiden Regimental Stripe Skirt :Epilogue (pre-Ondoy overdue post)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 Jonette 2 Comments

To read Part 1, head here.

the finished skirt.

Might I be honest?

I must admit, it's been such a long time since I put the skirt together that I'd forgotten the details of the process (ulp.) Nonetheless, I come with more pictures and some descriptions to help them along.

Sewing on the lace.

the finished skirt, sans pressing and petticoat.

A closer shot of the zipper. It's such a shame I had no invisible zipper at the time and had to make do with an ordinary one.
... Must make it a point to tidy up my stitches next time. Im punto! 

Closer shots of the lace.

The finished skirt.

(Oh , and one more thing: see that makeshift jabot on Susan? that particular project will have a post all to itself soon. soon is a promise. ^_^" )


  1. You know I love this skirt! <3 JM thinks I look awesome in it too. One day I will also make an awesome skirt like you did with this one.

    Have I told you that I sewed a plushie already? XD Your octoplushies were cute so I took up the challenge of making a bird plushie XD

  2. aaaw, thanks girl! I'd love to see your own plushies soonest you're done. :D


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