Clearly, I am having too much fun on the internet right now.

Saturday, March 06, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments


It's amazing how much craziness can happen if you put me, the Internet, and lots of free time together.

Right now, James is getting some sorely-needed shut-eye. He came home from a party with his friends and trainer to celebrate their passing a three-week-long training-from-hell. An unexpected twist in the party sent his tummy into acidic conniptions, and he had to take himself to Makati Medical for treatment. (ohnoez!) He's better now, but acid attacks plus a jaunt to the hospital plus being awake for twenty-four hours straight does not a happy boyfriend make. So, after feeding him, it's off to bed with him.

Which leaves me alone with the cat and the Internet! Nyahahahahahahahah!

So here's the first of the insane equations for tonight.

Cat + camera phone + crazy owner + internet =

Clearly, this cat chose to live in the wrong house. XD


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