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Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Jonette 6 Comments

Wow, what a week! Wait, week? What week?

The week's gone by in a blur, and there is just so much to be thankful and happy about!

  • Sunday Lunch-and-Movie dates with James. James and I have this movie weekend ritual: go someplace nice to eat, then enjoy a movie. we went to Greenhills to pick up a belated birthday gift for Clair, and we decided to have a very nice lunch at Xiao Ming. I'll let the pictures do the talking. 
Left to right: House Blend Orange Iced Tea, Fookien rice with accompanying sauce, and Steamed Garlic-Broccolli. 

Fookien Rice. The sauce above is a melange of carrots, peas, fish and clam bits. all swimming in this piping-hot, savory sauce. You're supposed to generously ladle the concoction onto your rice, mix it up, and enjoy. Mmmmm.

Garlic Broccolli. Greens. Steamed greens. Crisp, steamed, delicious greens. Must stop, getting hungry again. 

As a fitting denouement to our meal, we had each a serving of Xiao Ming's special Hakao dimsum. Beyond the translucent flesh lie succulent shrimp and veggie promises. Brings a tear to my eye.

After the meal, we hied off to SM Megamall to catch How To Train Your Dragon in 3D. Two thumbs up from the both of us; bring your kids, your parents, your gramps and gran, your cat, dog, goldfish, we don't care, just watch it! (Plus points when you watch it in 3D. Trust me.) The 3D version was a blast -- and pretty much had me screaming in my seat during the flight sequences. (Heck, I don't remember that happening, but James does.) Which led to him saying, "alright, I'd better haul you back to Enchanted Kingdom one day and strap you into one of them flying rides. *sigh* My man, gotta love him. 

One of our fave lines in the movie? "Okay, boys and girls, what's the first thing you need when facing an angry dragon?" Uh, Speed + 5?"  
  • Sending gifts by post. I managed to send a couple of belated birthday presents to Clair and Ligaya. There's just something exciting about sending gifts through post, crossing your fingers, hoping it gets to the other person in time. It's exciting in a no-peeking-at-the-Christmas-presents kinda way for me. 
  • Surprising my grandmother -- at 4:00 AM. Last Monday, my grandmother asked me send her my address via SMS so she could mail my dad's souvenir program to me. I decided to do away with the message and head for to her house and surprise her at 4:00 in the morning. (she regularly wakes up at 4:00am, so it was all good.) It felt good seeing the amazement in her eyes. ^_^* 
  • La Experiment is beginning to work! Okay. I've been on this self-imposed experiment, and so far, I've been successful for three weeks running. I say experiment and not diet, because... well, honestly, I have no expected outcome in mind save to train myself to make smarter food choices in the long run.

    The goal? Stay away from fast food as long as I can at all costs. the mini-rules: 
  1.  Have at least one veggie or fish dish a day. Veggies come as Number One Priority, Fish if no veggies are to be found. 
  2. No meal should go beyond P150 (roughly $2.75.) If I can manage to fit in all the meals I need in a day within that P150, so much the better. 
  3. Avoid fizzy drinks at all costs. Load up on water. 
  4. weekends are reward days but don't overdo it. I learned this the hard way. Leeeet's just say I have a feeling my body's not on very good terms with fast and junk food anymore. Awp. 
    1.   So, yeah. I'm happy to say it seems I'm now able to concentrate better on tasks, sleep better, and even have more energy -- in small increments, of course. Things are definitely starting to look up.
    • Mentoring at the office. Yep -- I am now mentor to Jo and PJ as they wet their feet in the training pool. I'm glad to say that PJ's doing fine, and Jo just needs that small push of encouragement every now and then. Props too to George for helping Jo out with her biggest questions and for showing her the ropes around the system. All in all, awesome. 
    • Crazy lesson roller-coaster week! Aaaaah! 12-13-14-10whew-13-9 lessons! IneedhugsandchocolatecakeAaaaaah, all better now. 
    • Hot chocolate with friends, and teddy-bear snorggles, courtesy of Jo and Bogard Rusty Cuddles III. 

    • Snuggling up to Tweed, and watching him take over my sewing machine, like so and like so

    Every time I see a fashion collection, this song instantly plays in my mind.
    Monsieur Lacroix, it's all your wonderful fault.

    Awesome Entrance. 'Nuff said.

    Fan-taststic concept. Wonder if it'll make waves in the Philippines?

    This just puts me in the mood for silliness, and a big silly smile on my face.

    70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L'Ogre on Vimeo.
    How many paintings (or artists) can you name? I've counted 18 so far. ^_^*

    Alright! Your turn -- What things made your day or week awesome? 


    1. Hi there! <3 I sooo loved How to Train Your Dragon! Toothless~! <3 It was a fun movie to watch with our friends at work. And we really enjoyed it.

      Now that you mentioned it: I want to challenge myself to eat better again ~_~ Because what we've been eating is mainly meat meat meat and more meat ~_~ I want fish and veggies again. My body's complaining of too much oil and meat already.

      You know what? Tweed wants to sew and Panda wants to help out in the sari-sari store mom's running at home. Our pets want to be human, from the looks of things. ;)

      I hope we get to meet up this summer. Even just once. *hugs*

    2. Hmm methinks me and the boyfriend should catch that movie. But boo it's already Holy Thursday and places are closed.

      Anyhooo, g'luck with the experiment. That's pretty much my "diet" and trust me you'll start feeling so much better after a month or so. In a year, you'll HATE the taste of soda. It now makes my tummy go ballistic. :D

    3. Yes, Clair! Toothless is <3. James and I loved how he reminded up of a cute mix of cat and dog habits when he got more amicable.

      Yes! I wholeheartedly support you in your quest for healthy eating. I understand where you're coming from: sometimes all that meat and oil can really get to you. What's scary about it is how addicting it can get! So yeah, go greens!

      As for Tweed, naku! Don't believe that cat one whit. He's been using the sewing machine to prop himself so he can reach for my stuffed toys and yarns.

      I would most certainly love to see you again, and soon! (hug) You must show me your crocheted pieces. :)

    4. Yes, Meaream! please do! I'd really, really recommend you and Uzi catch the 3D version. The movie was really made to be seen that way, methinks.

      I wholeheartedly agree with what you said. I've recently been feeling lighter and more energetic. As for soda, James and I really do our best to stay away from the stuff. We're both terribly hyperacidic, and just one too many can send us reeling the next day. Not pretty at all!

    5. Food! Yum! I love broccoli + garlic = yum, yum, yum! Must bring DK. Is the place kid friendly? One of DKs "requirements" for a restaurant is that they should have a high chair for Una.

      I'd like to try your experiment but with my limited knowledge with handling fish and veggies, I am expected to fail. Have you tried the water diet? I think it would work well with your experiment, especially if you're steering away from soda.

    6. Gene, very! the high chairs look comfy. If Una isn't the type to squirm about too much, she should be ok. :)

      As for fish and veggies, if you can cook simple veggie and fish dishes, that should be alright. I haven't tried the water diet just yet, though. ^_^*


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