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Thursday, March 04, 2010 Jonette 4 Comments

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Hi, every-all. It's 8:27pm right now, and business is pretty slow at my cubicle. I'm really glad it's been a happy week so far, and I'm just in the middle of it! Wonder what's to come for the next few days.

  • Last Sunday found James and I trying out Sakae Sushi Restaurant at SM North. For P400, you are more than welcome to have all the sushi you can eat (and catch from the rolling conveyor belt), bottomless iced or hot green tea, and a steaming bowl of miso soup. James and I had planned our strategy to get our money's worth of sushi and other curious dishes from the assembly, and came away having enjoyed more than what James had paid for! Fourteen sushi dishes, eight tea refills, and a couple of soups later, we were content to watch the dishes trundle by. 
the aftermath. 

aah, soup. 

aren't they pretty? 

A very sated James, and a very sated me taking the shot. 

James and I in a camera war of sorts. 
  • Joanne and PJ, two very good college friends of mine, have just gotten new jobs -- and will start being my colleagues come the 17th of March! How cool is that?! Joanne is a sweet lady who loves to sculpt, paint, and take beautiful pictures. I really think it's wonderful how she loves traditional art forms. She told me "(sculpture) it's there and it's tangible, like you can leave the house and come back, and it'll still be there, It's messy, yeah, and you can break it to pieces, but it'll still be there." PJ, on the other hand, is one of the most prolific bloggers I know. She's also into crochet, and is reveling in the craft. she has a profound love for food, anime, Sci-fi, and The Takarazuka Revue, in no particular order. Head over to her blog, PJ Goes Pop!, and tell her you and I say hi. :) 
  • I have very interesting and lovely colleagues. Mik and I decided to sneak out for a yummy and inexpensive dinner at Dell's. She had Hawaiian Chicken with a cup of rice and a slice of Caramel Decadence for dessert; I had Beef Mole with a cup of rice and a slice of Tiramisu for dessert. We had fun sampling each other's choices. The Hawaiian Chicken was surprisingly tender, and the sweetness from the pineapple in the dish had spread evenly into the meat and the sauce. The Beef Mole made me think of a very rich Kare-Kare without the accompanying vegetables. Both cakes were delightful denouements to our meals.

    At the end of our shift later that evening (or was it early that morning?), Justin, Mon, and I had a great conversation about comic book character development, how DC and Marvel fared business-wise with the writer's decisions, to gaming console convenience, to annoying uptight otaku. (nope, there's no missing punctuation there. ^_^) After a few more minutes spent explaining to me the difference of Olympic Lifting and Power Lifting, and how different ways of lifting work for different people, we finally called it a night and got back to wrapping up our reports. :)

    Would you believe there's actually a women's division for Olympic weightlifting? Neither could I.
  • After months of fearing I'd lost the bracelet James gave me, I finally found it again! And to think it had just been hiding in my tote pocket all this time. Egads! I'm not too big on jewelry, but this bracelet means a lot to me. :)
  • Pictures I love: 
From the astounding imagination of artist Michael Parkes. 

... and nicked from the Favorites of Mon. :3

source unkown.

  • I'm totally loving this song.

  • This incredibly adorable video's from Patricia. Oh, if Monsieur Vuitton had known... :D

  • Mr. Toledano: Phonesex. A series of photographs and confessions from phone-sex workers. They just might surprise you.
  • The Pudding Guy. Amazing. Wish we had promos like that in the Philippines too!

Well, that's pretty much it for me for now. How about you? what's making your week?


  1. Ooh! Inggit ako sa sushi marathon nyo. Is that P400 each? Kasama yung dessert sa selection? DK only eats california maki, maybe tamago sushi but that's the extent of it. he would try bits and pieces but he's not really into sushi.

  2. Hi Gene! Yup, That's about P400 (actually, one peso less, hehe). It might be a nice way to introduce DK to other kinds of sushi. :)

    I recommend eating enough red plates to break-even with what you paid, since each red plate costs P99. We ate about five of those, and now that I think about it, perhaps we should have gone for more. hehe. ^_^"

    The eight-piece dish of sushi rolled in red spices will be spicy! Caution with that. If you had that, I'd recommend balancing that out with the small bowl of tofu cooked in sweet, chunky sauce. The Inari-zushi (or sushi stuffed in tofu pockets) are also high on our recommendation list. ^_^

  3. I really loved Sakae Sushi and I want to go back there again! Maybe next time, I'd tag along if you and James are going to Sakae Sushi in SM North :D There are so many varieties I have yet to try. Nung pumunta kami sa MOA branch medyo busog ako eh. -_- So lugi. Pero next time dapat ready ako! Sushi!!!!!!!

    Btw, looks like you're having fun being online :D Dahil ba sa wi-tribe :D

  4. Sushi!!! Indeed, let's go there, all three of us one day. I'm sure it's be fun having JM around too, if he's truly the buffet master you tell me he is! :D

    Nyahahaha! Yes, it is! Now, I don't find the need to stay at work just to finish a blog post. I'm beginning to find writing blog posts much more conducive at home. :)


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