Too Much Fun on the Internet II: Picture Fun (Webbie Spotlight)

Sunday, March 07, 2010 Jonette 4 Comments

Sometimes, there are some silly Stumbles that are just too fun to pass up. I've been playing around on, and some of their picture makers are too fun to not share with you. Better yet, I've added the links to creating these fun pictures below! :D

Pictures + Internet + crazy person =

From left to right: Me, AJ, James, Clair.
On David Duchovny's laptop: Clair and her sister Dang

Yep, James is Obama's homeboy. ;) 

Grandma, what... er... smooth skin you have. Did you wax? 

And last but not least... 



Okay, I'm sorry for laughing, but the concept just seems so funny. But make no mistake, Johnny Depp is just a fantastic actor, it's just... me on his table, wahahaha! 

There are lots and lots more where those silly pictures came from. Try them out for yourself! I'd love to see what you made from them. 


  1. Haha I'm so gonna waste an hour or two on that site.

  2. go go go! :D It's one of the best time-wasters out there. ;)

  3. Are there a lot of Johnny Depp photos there? Geez, I'm such a fangirl!

  4. Gene, you are too cute! :D Well, I think that's the only Johnny Depp template, but you can make as many as pictures with him and you as you want! How about that? :D


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