Holidays 2010: The Season That Was

Monday, January 03, 2011 Jonette 0 Comments

The events that defined this past year's holidays for me:

-- Taking a trip to far-away Aduana to have the sewing machines repaired.

-- Seeing my articles and interviews published in our company's newsletter. More on this in a latter post.

-- Getting together with my dad's side of the family again.

-- watching the second episode of How Art Made the World and a portion of a Bhutan film with my dad.

-- Grandma-sitting, and ordering delicious pizza for her on her birthday.

-- hot bibingka.

-- Seeing my boyfriend's cousins blush and giggle over this naughty-cute video.

-- Relief from an excruciating case of GERD with pats and backrubs from the boyfriend.

-- An impromptu visit to a hospital, and the delicious, cozy dinner that followed.

-- Chillaxing at home.

-- Getting reacquainted with Bernina -- she lives! --  and getting the hang of sewing on her hyper-speed setting.

--  Making furoshiki, and wrapping my presents with them.

-- Going with James to see RPG Metanoia, and being pleasantly and surprisingly wowed by the movie experience. Two thumbs up to the writer and animation team! You make us Pinoys proud of you!
-- Taking Mink with me to spend New Year's with my dad and grandmother.

-- Cooking tuna and garbanzo spaghetti at my dad's request.

eight cloves garlic, crushed ♥ two small onions, chopped ♥ two cans of tuna in vegetable oil ♥ one small can of garbanzos (chick peas) ♥ three packs of medium-sized sweet-blend spaghetti sauce ♥ tabasco or ground chili (optional) ♥cooked pasta

Heat skillet until smoke is visible. Add oil drained from tuna cans. Sautee garlic and onions until onions are transparent. Add garbanzos, let cook for a few minutes. Add tuna. Add sauce from three packets. Let simmer for five minutes; add tabasco or chili to taste. Simmer, then serve over hot, al dente pasta.

-- Launching flying paper lanterns with him at the strike of New Year midnight.

-- Watching Mink transfixed on my dad's birds, seeing them for the first time in her life.

-- Bonding with my aunts, and introducing them to the fabulousness of RuPaul's Drag Race.

-- Having an attitude of gratitude, and sticking with it in 2011.


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