Ooh-la-La Senza!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 Jonette 4 Comments

Hi everyone! Here's one long overdue story I've been keeping inside me. It's one of my happy thoughts to start the year.

Last, last Friday, AJ and I got it in our heads to wake up really early and head over to Bonifacio High Street to make the most of the La Senza sale!

(By the by, La Senza was also repsonsible for this wee, cheeky, holiday titilation here.) :D

A few things that make this trip special for me:
  1. This was the first time I'd ever been to Boni High Street. Most the shops there were quite high-end. Whenever I'd look around at one of the stores open at the time, I'd go into some sort of routine. Pick item up. Raise eyebrows. Inhale. Purse lips. Gingerly put item down, verrrrrrry carefully. Exhale. There.

    Despite the exclusive feel to the place, the different art installations and strange water-and-stone sculptures were quite interesting to look at.
  2. Shopping for proper-fitting bras with the right support was something long overdue for me. Much as I love my girls, they can also present a number of interesting problems. A rather heavy and pressing one (pardon the pun) is finding the right bra size and fit. In the Philippines, a full-support 40D bra is either virtually non-existent with a number of the local brands, or costs a very pretty penny with the chosen few. It also doesn't help that my --ehem -- pride and joy have been going She-Hulk on my lady-holsters. I'm perfectly happy with inexpensive cotton panties, but my ladies need all the help they can get!

    With my bras having served me well and borne the burden for a good long five years, I do think this shopping trip is in order.
  3. Lady-holsters. Learn it well. 
  4. Shopping date with AJ! For the first time! Yaaaaay! :D
So, yeah. We were on a tight budget, and we were half-asleep, but all the pretty panties and underthings were absolute love! One of the ladies who (wo)manned the store saw to it that we got our proper measurements, and proceeded to unearth every viable undie option for our sizes. Sale items were a priority, of course. :D

The three pairs I picked: Dotty Pink, Pin-up Polka-dot Gray, and Pinstripe Navy. Aren't they gorgeous? Imagine my glee when the clerk said they came with matching panties too! 

A view from inside the fitting room. Ooooh. 

We noticed the details on the wall running parallel to the fitting room. Lovely! Then we looked up...

Aaaaah. Made me think of cool rain. 

AJ perusing more pretty bras. 

Raaar! "Drop and give me twenty, soldier, and say my name while you're at it." "Ma'am, yes, Ma'am!"

Oooh, as Jujubee would say it, wicked spah-kuhley! I feel a little Showgirl coming on.

Call 'em funky, call 'em stripper, there's so much sass to love!

Eye-candy pink and black. 

Panties on parade! I got the bras' matching panties, plus three more thanks to an extra-special promo, courtesy of the La Senza discount card.

The usual suspects. 


I really do feel very, very happy with all the goodies AJ and I bought that day. We got ourselves discount cards, just in case we found ourselves needing another pair of delectable unmentionables. This was indeed a rare treat for me. I'm not sure when I'll find myself at La Senza again, but I'd love to bring a gal pal along the next time!

   The occassion and mood calls for this song, I believe: 


  1. Hopefully I could join you next time! I have seen their lovely undergarments in Greenbelt 3 but they didn't have a sale so it was a no go for me.

    So glad to read this review. And nice pictures too. Thanks for sharing the La Senza experience via bloggingXD

  2. @Clair, sige! Let's hope we have moolah when they next have a sale. didn't know shopping for pretty underthings was this fun!

    thank you for the compliment! I'm glad you enjoyed this post. :)

  3. Your picks are treasures! I have this secret love for undergarments and I've been planning to go binge on some for fun. I hope I can nail some on a sale day. :D La Senza looks like the place to go.

  4. @Chrrrmaine, thank you! I really would recommend shopping for pretty unmentionables like these, specially when their prices are half-off! I'll be crossing my fingers for you to land a great La Senza sale in your area some day soon. :)


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