In the papers!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011 Jonette 0 Comments

As promised in a previous post, I'm very happy to present a number of articles I've written (and one I've been written about) in our company's December edition newsletter! 

In goDIY, there a few handy DIY gift ideas from me, and a bushel of tips from Jib on what to do with Christmas dinner leftovers. 

In goMEET, Mardie writes about my crafting, and I write about AJ's. Such a lovely chain that makes. Be sure to read up on the rest of the creative, crazy-talented people on spotlight! I feel honored to share the same space they're in on this cyber-page.

In goWATCHandREAD, our guest writer reviews two flicks for the holidays, and we're posed the question: What's on your Christmas reading list? 

and in Meet the Newsletter Team, we spill the beans from our preferred stocking-stuffers,  who we want at our Christmas dinner table, and who we'd nab and smooch under mistletoe! 

Thanks for reading and being happy with me!


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