steampunk music can make things better

Thursday, January 06, 2011 Jonette 2 Comments

I finally finished my first bag commission! I owe my thanks to Meream's tute. 

This baby (cat not included) will go to Guia, officemate and chum. Marching birdies!

Here's a view of the lining. I put in two pockets for pens. 

I was truthfully quite surprised to discover how easy these bags were to make. I reckon I'll make more and experiment with them in the future. 

This bag would also not have been possible without the music of Jordan Reyne. I discovered her just an hour ago, and I am hooked. Her music reminds me of Paula Cole, if only edgier and graver. Here, have a listen for yourself. This would certainly be great music to sew to when I start trying my hand at making steampunk-inspired apparel. 

iTunes get music on


Now! Sleep!


  1. Yay I can see the photos now. Chrome was acting crazy last night and I didn't see them. :) Love the fabric!

  2. Thanks! That fabric is one of the many reasons I love Divisoria. :D


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