It's mutating!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 Jonette 2 Comments

Oh, yes.

It seems like one of the peculiar traits of any piece I'm working on (clothing and otherwise) is that it tuns into something I never quite imagined would be possible in the first place. And yes, it's happening again.

Er, remember that floral skirt project I mentioned? Well, let's just say that I'd finally drawn the new plan on my design notebook, and sewn in the darts (two inches down) and the waistband. Granted, the waistband was a tad longer than the real waist circumference -- that can be quickly remedied.

However, the metamorphosis began when I fitted the skirt to see if it worked well.

Curses. The skirt gods demand more darts.

After pinning the extra darts down and refitting it, it struck me that if the skirt was to fit well, it would need to be hiked up just a little higher and eventually turn into an underbust skirt. (O.O!!!!!!!!)

Once again, an underbust skirt. Or at least, something that cuts across the middle set of ribs.

the skirt in question.

And the darts... that emphasize the amazing butt!
Mouse-over! Mouse-over, I say!

Hehe. That was fun. *griiiiin*

For a lady with rather boisterous and plump -- ehem -- sweater kitties, this may not be a very good idea. (Or is it? I'm no sure...)

the only visible way for me to remedy this right now is to turn it into a dress.

Oh wow.

This is may mean buying more material. I've no problem about that, but, well... I've never made a bodice for a dress before.

Option: Right now, the idea is to add a ruched bodice front in eyelet cotton, which I already have (not unlike the bodice of the delightful piece at right -- sans ribbon --, courtesy of Milky Ange) and add elbow-length puffed sleeves. Hmmmmm.

Yeah, I do feel a little timid about this... Suggestions, anyone? I'd really appreciate it.


  1. I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to sewing but I really want to see what you come up with :D hehe

  2. thanks, girl! Will be updating you on the final state of the skirt. And I do mean final. ;)


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