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Sunday, September 07, 2008 Jonette 3 Comments

Because Yanka tagged me.

Four places I go to, over and over:

Aside from work? Alright.
  • SM Megamall, for sewing notions and other frippery in Carolina's Lace Shoppe. On a much more --ehem-- practical note, for groceries and other sundries.
  • Robinson's Galleria, for splurging on dates, and the gashapon at Toys R' Us. Do not laugh: to the discerning otaku, one may find treasures here. ^_~*
  • The Quiapo-Divisoria Circuit, for cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap shopping. These two locales are not for the faint-of-heart nor for the clueless, but as long as you're street smart and have a nose for a good bargain, welcome to the jungle.
  • Project 8, my second home with James for the weekend. ^_^

Four people who email me regularly:
  • My Mom and Tito Tom
  • Joan, a good friend of mine from my first short-lived job
  • Sir Dong Ampil-De Los Reyes, a journalist-playwright-blogger who I once had the honor to interview as a part of my college thesis
  • Um... My other subscriptions (StumbleUpon, Instructables, The Art of Manliness) ^_^"

Four of my favorite places to eat at:
  • James' home at Project 8 on Sundays. The third paragraph on this entry pretty much says why.
  • Fazoli's in Eastwood with friends. Good Italian and warm bread at a reasonable price. Plus, I like their concept of a bridge connecting the dining areas on the second floor.
  • Komoro-Soba in SM Megamall, pre-renovation. Before the glossy giant food prints and the flashy colors, the restaurant had the feel of a true-blue Japanese Ramen eatery, down to the wooden walls and the hanging flags in the doorway, with the characters ラーメン (for Ramen) printed on them. It had Japanese ballads playing from its speakers as you slurped down hot noodles and miso soup. What I loved the most about this place was that the Japanese manager, a man with years on his face and his salt-and-pepper hair, would always come around to check on his shop and sometimes pitch in in the kitchen. Just before you leave after your meal, should you meet his gaze, do not forget to bow in gratitude. He will bow back to you. :)
  • Good old Jollibee. What would a pinoy be without you.

Four places I'd rather be:
  • Thailand! One of my dreams is to spend a week in Bangkok, seeing the sights, visiting the temples and The Grand Palace, exploring Chatuchak Market, petting a tiger in The Tiger Temple, and staying the hell away from Patpong.
  • Bohol, just to get away from it all. It would be great to appreciate the sights of your own country before venturing out to see those of others. Besides, I've always wanted to have a picture taken with a tarsier or two.
  • Palawan for more nature and wildlife.
  • Divisoria. With a lot of money.

Four tv shows I could watch over and over:
Hmm... I'm not much of a TV person, but here goes...
  • CSI Las Vegas
  • The Jim Henson Hour, and more specifically, The Storyteller.
  • a toss-up between Godannar and Kodomo no Jikan
  • Engkantadia, a locally-made fantasy series that aired a few years back on GMA Channel 7. It was the among the first of its genre, and its production value and story were the best of its time.

Four people I'm tagging: at last! April, Tarie, James, and Jo. (If you want to, of course.)


  1. Well, in honest opinion, I find the red light district a rather scary, if not crazy place to be. I see it as... you can see any kind of crazy stunt they do on the internet; that's easy enough. but to see the Angkor Wat with your own eyes, to go shopping in Chatuchak for real? That's something no virtual experience can replace. Just my two cents.

  2. I see. When I dared to go to Patpong, I found it to be a sad place, actually. I didn't go into any of the clubs, but I could see the girls from outside (they keep the doors open) and it was heartwrenching. To me, at least.


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