Thursday, September 25, 2008 Jonette 0 Comments

The skirt. Has disappeared.

Ask me not how; I wasn't there when it happened either.

I did look for it. It's not among my fresh nor dirty clothing, and certainly not with my housemate's.

Our apartment's backed up against the corner wall of the lot, with my uncle's two-floor house shielding us from the main road to the north and two more similar apartments standing side-to-side with mine to the east. There are two main points if entry into the compound: one, the main gate through which my aunt's family, my housemate and I come and go, and two, the east mini-gate that sees much traffic from the tenants. Both gates are seen to being shut for security -- most of the time.

So here we are, back to a missing, newly-finished, perfect-fitted denim skirt skirt, and a number of flowering plants in full bloom gone from my housemate's garden patch. With states like this, trouble is certainly afoot.


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