Muggy Monday

Monday, September 29, 2008 Jonette 0 Comments

Hello, everyone. It's a Monday, and my body hasn't been a very good friend today. Most people say Vertigo gets triggered by stress and too much MSG. In my case, it's stress and exhaustion. (Oh, shame, shame on me.) I'm feeding myself hot tamarind soup stew with pork and veggies (or simply put, Sinigang in Filipino), and keeping the little portions I eat down. ( Y'hear me, tummy? I mean it!)

Hot soup always makes me feel better, no matter what ails me.

Anyway! on to funnier circumstances. Well... Remember the denim pencil skirt? The one that got stolen? Well, let's just say that I have a lot to thank Ate Diding, our weekly housekeep. She's saved me through a lot of pinches and near-fatal accidents, and has proved once more how she is the awesome Alfred to my Batman.

She found the skirt in the dryer. Where I had given it a second spin, and promptly forgot about it.

*major facepalm*

Here's the skirt. I do so love it.

Things I've learned:
1) Never leave things in the middle of a process when you're tired and/or distracted. 'Nuff said.

2) Aside from making skirts on ladies a lot more interesting, slits are there for a very good reason. The higher they go, the better they let a girl move her legs, speacially when boarding vehicles and other modes of transportation. I had the horrifying experience of hearing a very nasty vrrrrrip from the back of the denim skirt while boarding a Tamarraw FX from behind. (Too-tall vehicles and stairs are the bane of pencil skirts.) Thankfully, the rip wasn't obscene and James was there with me. Once it's washed, all I need to do is to reinforce the "new" slit and give it a much more tailored look.

3) Pencil skirts with heels? Yes, yes, oh yes. Specially on an hourglass figure. While the look can work on weekends, it sizzles best in a work environment. Just keep your Maggie Gyllenhall Secretary tendencies in check, and feel it in your bones that you. are. hot. ;)

“My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything - even if you have no clue what you're doing.” -- Jessica Alba


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