All my love in the mail

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 Jonette 2 Comments

And just what is this sweetheart doing?

Modelling a hat I made for her, of course!

Dear Jennie~♥ commissioned a slouchy hat in either cream or pink. I found some luscious Lion Brand CottonEase in Almond, which really looks and feels just as yummy as its given name.

I'm really glad she got it late afternoon on Christmas Eve. She told me on SMS that she loved it, and that she'd curl her hair and wear it to Noche Buena. My heart did little happy somersaults on that one. :)

A few more action shots taken before shipment to the lovely lady:


  1. Wow! That's really nice! You made me not want to wait for next year. As I've mentioned before, all of my stash we're drowned by Ondoy and I planned on completing a new one next year but looking at you enjoying crochet made me want to do it soon.

  2. Gosh, thanks, Gene! I'm sorry to hear about your stash. I guess I was lucky my mom sent over a bushel of yarn for me to work on (as well as a n umber of Holiday variants I have no idea what to make with). since I was short on funds for gift-giving this year (a lot of expenditures around rehabilitating the apartment, among others), I had to make up and make do with what I had at the moment.

    I do hope you can go back to your love for crocheting soon, Gene. small steps can even work wonders. (hug)


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