Kell's Monsters: Epilogue

Wednesday, December 09, 2009 Jonette 0 Comments

To read where this all began (as well as a promise of the pattern I used), head here.

At last!

The Monster socks are done, done, done. I had a lot of fun finishing the eyes, making them nice and big and googly. Adding the eyelids made them look quite muppet-y to me. my workmate Ray told me they reminded him of the crocodile's eyes in Peter Pan. Even now, the song's starting to tick-tock in me head. :D

Once upon a time , he was just a wee cell... 

My workmates and I had a lot of fun with the eyes just before I attached them to the tops of the socks. It was fun eliciting the surprised smiles from being stared at by a pair of disembodied warm brown eyes. Okay, the last phrase might've sounded creepy, but it was actually quite fun playing puppeteer to just a pair of eyes. so there. :)

A couple of officemates of mine had ideas of their own, like so:


Mary getting all googly-eyed.

Guia and the retarded reptile of DOOM!

 The socks themselves, looking quite bashful.

The socks brave the fearsome and weird lights of the IT area, to seek an audience with their Master-to-be.

They finally made their way to Overlord Kell, unaware of the fate that was to befall them... which was to warm his lady's toesies, is all. :)

Kell took more pictures. Here is one excellent sample of his work: me grinning like an idiot, and him listening to the thoughts of this strange, little person, wondering what in hell's bells she was doing, holding his girlfriend's socks.


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