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Wednesday, December 09, 2009 Jonette 5 Comments

It's 4:19am and I'm still here in the office. If I were chatting with my boyfriend right now, he'd be all " go home, NOW, you're just going to get all sickly again", but he's not, and so I'm here. Wait, what for again? Oh right, to do this:

I used a Bernat arm-warmer pattern I got free from the yarshop I frequent. They like to spell themselves "the yarnshoppe."  You don't see that kind of spelling too often nowadays.

Then there's this slouchy hat. Kudos to Miss Lovely Craftypants for this lovely, lovely pattern and for being so pretty. Isn't she pretty? That's what happens when you stay a happy person, kiddies. Learn well and stay beautiful.

 You see those puffs right before the edge of the circle? I've already made two more rows of them. Honest. I'm pleasantly surprised it took only about two days (including work, food, and sleep time) to get this far. Cool. :)


  1. Oh my crochet and knitting tools... :( I still feel bad for loosing them to Ondoy. I still have to replenish my stock so I can start practicing my knitting again.

    That slouchy hat looks comfortable. I'm not a hat person but I'd like to try wearing one since my hair is so short now I can't even tie it.

    Would you mind sharing this LYS of yours? The only descent store I know is in Glorietta 5 and Craft World in SM Megamall.

  2. Oh gosh... I feel for you, gene+experiments. The flood also pretty much wrecked all the yarn and textiles I'd been hoarding this year, and the knitting needles have all got to rot, quite literally. :'( But that's ok, we'll start rebuilding one step at a time.

    The slouchy hat is quite comfy indeed! I'm finishing it for my cousin. I'm not sure if she's a hat person either, but I do hope she'll still like it.

    If you're thinking of Dreams Yarnshoppe right now, yep, we're pretty much talking about the same thing. they used to have a branch in Robinsons Galleria, but it closed down rather recently. :(

    Also, please do tell of this Craft World in Megamall. I roam the place frequently, I can't believe I missed it! All I remember is Carolina's, but I go there more for sewing supplies, and a little bit of yarn on the side. :)

  3. Dreams is like a yarn heaven! I didn't know they have one in Robinson's. We're nearer there. Too bad, I totally missed it.

    Craft World is in Bldg A. between Powerbooks and Toy Kingdom. In front of Mexicalli. They don't have much of knitting/crocheting stuff but they have Red Heart yarns and local crochet thread. It's like a little bit of everything store, they have stuff for embroidery, cross stitch and mostly things to use for paper crafts.

    There is also a DMC store in the basement of Bldg. A near the Food Court. Mostly for embroidery and cross-stitch materials.

    - Gene

  4. Ack! right, right, that store! The store I always drag my boyfriend to after his turn at the gashapon machines in Toy Kingdom... *foreheadpalm* goodness, how could I have forgotten? Gee... I really should stop multi-tasking so much. ^_^"

    Thanks for refreshing my memory, Gene. You're right: they usually stock lots of large yarn spools in different colors. :) the best find I had there was the Red Heart Baby spool in Yellow Sparkle. I wonder if they have more of the stuff?

  5. What a coincidence! I also bought exactly the same yarn from Craft World. I used it for a Starghan which unfortunately were also destroyed by the flood.


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