Pundar 6: The computer table-shelf

Thursday, December 10, 2009 Jonette 2 Comments

... which, I wonder, should be renamed The Mini-bar/ Cafetia Counter instead.

Junior marking out where the nails and the big boards go on the wall. Be vewy, vewy, quiet.

Behold, a miracle!

 The non-shiny version of the counter. see that slot on the table? That's where the stair support will fit in.

 And here's Tweed sitting quite prettily in the hamper. I reckon he exchanged the buzz and racket downstairs for the warm sun-glow and the cushion-y comfort of human clothing. Smart cat.

Fitting the table...

And it's done! Mang Julio cut out a hole on the table for all the computer cables and wires to fit through. Clever, clever.

Here's the opposite end of the table. The connection of the second step and the table will undoubtedly be of creative use to our cat. At some point, I thought, "hey! I could probably fit my sewing machine here and whirr away while James is on the PC!", then realized that I'd forgotten to ask Mang Julio to cut out another hole for that idea too. Uh-oh.

On another occasion, I wondered -- what if I had the sides of the knick-knack display shelves ripped off? Wouldn't that achieve the feeling of more space? (I also realized this would give the cat more avenues for exploration, turning it into embedded staircase of sorts.) I put the idea away for another event when we found we'd have more time and money on our hands. The very next day, my mother says, "anak, why don't you tear down the whole display shelve piece and extend the table and make it end-to-end? Wouldn't that be better?"


I'm also giving a lot of thought to the unused space below the counter. I'd like to make good use of that one day. All that space would be good for CD carry-cases, maybe even a scanner or a printer. We could also have comfy padded stools that double-served as a stash-away box for other items, the kind that'd fit right well under the counter. Think of the possibilities!

I must say, I also have some ambitious plans for that wall. Do we make it an accent wall in brown, with lights about it? with display shelves for books or photos or pictures? What about placing my mother's bronze Natraj somewhere to oversee the kitchen and dining area across him? Or better yet... why not a forged Kris displayed above the PC for protection, and to be honored by the many battles won and fought beneath it in the glow of a modern machine?

I still have many, many plans brewing in my head, but they will have to wait, for now at least. The best plans are best executed when there are enough resources at hand.

First, we paint the PC table. Then, paint the first floor walls. And then, we tear down the landing shelves, and then rebuild a much more efficient shelving system, and then build shelving awnings for books, and then fit in a full-length mirror beside the bathroom, and then, and then, and then...

Sssh. All in good time.


  1. I am jealous of all your house-renovation. And Tweed's laid back lifestyle, lucky cat. :D

  2. Oh gosh. Thank you, Meream. It's a lovely thing to hear from you. I'm afraid I'll have to put my other plans on hold for now, though (resources tend to limit themselves rather quickly), but I'll take it as an exercise in patience.

    As for Tweed's lifestyle, oh heck, so do I. James and I surmise he believes himself to be Master of the household, and we're very close to thinking he's right. :D


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