Slouchy Hat is Nice and Slouchy :)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009 Jonette 3 Comments

As modeled by annabanana, co-teacher and awesome buddy.

The slouchy is finally finished, ready for a goad soap-soak and some fabric-conditioning, and into a pretty gift bag. Yay!

I'm not sure if my cousin's into hats, but I do hope she likes it.


  1. Wow! It's really nice. I'm sure your cousin will like it even if she's not a hat person. Handmade gifts are simply special and more meaningful that way.

  2. Aw, thanks, Gene! I'm-a keep my fingers crossed for that. ;)

  3. Nice hat! I tried knitting once and I kept making the knots too tight. The scarf I was making ended up being a stiff potholder.


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