Video: Vendr.TV

Friday, December 11, 2009 Jonette 0 Comments

I love my friends. I really, really do. They make me smile, laugh, cry, and make the trip on this mortal coil a lot more awesome than usual.

They also send me great videos, like the one below, that make me go wide-eyed, rapt, and tight-lipped just to keep me from squealing in glee.

Food, good food in particular -- one of the best things we were put on this planet to enjoy. among other things, of course. And Food. don't forget food.

This video is brought to us by fellow Stumbler Mon Suba, HungryNation, and the letter W. For Wheeee! 

That cookie tub looked really yummy. Yessiiirree.

** Hey! If you enjoyed this video, you may want to check out their other gastronomic street-side adventures over at their channel. Or better yet, subscribe!


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