Webbie Spotlight: Absolute Sweet Cindy

Friday, June 27, 2008 Jonette 1 Comments

Here's another StumbleUpon offering that simply blows my mind.

Over time, Crafting has given me a growing appreciation for the fine points in handiwork: it's technicalities, precision, and art, all blending together into a form of tangible beauty. This piece here is a fine example of what I'm talking about.

Absolute Sweet Cindy reminded me of Runo's work, but on a much more detailed and larger scale. the doll, although lacking in the facial features department, makes up for it with its joint system and its, ehem, anatomical quasi-correctness. (For some reason, the doll unclothed eerily reminds me of Chii from Chobits.)

The site features the works of other brave souls who have successfully finished a Cindy doll. It's interesting to note that the visitors' dolls have been alterations to the original design: a set of them feature fashionable boys, and another has been given adult proportions. I'd like to think that means the patterns and instructions make room for the maker's personal innovative creativity, which I think is an excellent thing.

I may still not have tried to make this beauty, but gleaning from the instructions themselves, it seems that this project is not for the faint of heart, nor for anyone who does not have the time, diligence, patience and devotion to see this doll through. Beautiful things are rarely easy or quick to make.

I'd like to think once you've finished her and propped her up to sit on your work table, you might end up feeling you suddenly and quite unknowingly acquired a daughter for yourself. People can fall in love with the things they create, and it's not going to be Pygmalion so much as it is Geppetto.

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