the Scarf. (January 31, 2008)

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(Scarf's baby picture, taken 14th of January, 2008.)

Hello everyone. Meet Scarf.

Scarf began gestation from two spools of fire-truck red yarn on the second week of December last year. It was meant to be a Christmas gift for James. After a few bungles along the way (including unraveling the entire thing because it was too wide and going back to Square One), I was already feeling quite discouraged with pushing through with it.

All it took was for a gay friend to laugh and tell me that “men do NOT wear that kind of red” for me to give up.

Well, almost.

After making up with a pair of cargo pants my boyfriend had always wanted, I confessed to my James about the scarf I had stashed away for him.

“Wat’s wrong with that kind of red? I like red. Real men wear red." He told me a lot of the classic Super Robot pilots and game heroes wore red scarves whenever they charged into battle, he'd appreciate a scarf to keep his throat warm, and that particular shade of red would make him unique.

That’s why I gave it one more go.

Scarf today, as graciously modeled by, um... Kitty. Desktop Kitty.

... and Scarf unraveled.

Thank you, Kitty, for gracing us with your gripping prowess and tag.

and because I couldn't resist it...

Orig na Banpresto ito bah!
(which proves once again that Super Robots and kitties do mix.)

It's still to see the end of the yarn, but it's almost really done. Simple as it is, I'm rather excited to see my first serious craft project come to completion.

And that's why I haven't been at my sewing machine for quite sometime now.



- it's rather calming click-clacking away with two knitting needles. You're pulling loops through loops through loops in a row, thinking about nothing else, attention on the yarn and metal. You feel the material bouncing back from under the pressure of your fingers, stretching, returning. It's tactile. It's here and now. Never imagined knitting could be somewhat like meditation.

- on the other hand, in a non-pacifist point-of-view... it's funny how security guards never see the potential of large steel knitting needles as deadly weapons. You could easily take an eye out with these, maybe debilitate a few limbs through choice pressure points and joints. Hmm.

Hope you liked it.


Update: I am proud to say that Scarf has now grown to four feet -- and counting. Ohboyohboyohboy.


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