Re-ribboning the Not-So-Loli Skirt. (April 7, 2008)

Sunday, June 08, 2008 Jonette 0 Comments

Hello again everyone. Do you remember when I had to replace some burnt ribbon? As promised, here's the happy news about it.

First off, why did the first hem burn in the first place? Well, let's just say overzealousness can be hazardous sometimes, specially when you're wielding a hot iron near synthetic ribbons. ^_^""" It was a very good learning experience, yes it was.

On the upside of things, it was a good as any chance to try out a set of polka-dotted ribbons I bought from a sale at one of my favorite cloth-and-notions shops. (three semi-full rolls at P50.00 each... not a bad deal, in my opinion. ^_~*) and besides -- flowery pastel-pink skirt and baby-blue with white polka-dots: how could it possibly go wrong?

After an hour of painstaking looping into s-scrolls and pinning over and over, I'm glad to say it went splendidly.

On the side, I'm also very happy to say I've finally made peace with my sewing machine. Know the adage "tighty righty, lefty loosey"? (I know they mostly apply to bolts and screws, but I also read it applied to tension dials in one sewing manual.) With the manual as good as gone and having to wrestle with the machine, I've mostly stuck to the above saying and often found myself frustrated to tears over the Brother's uncooperativeness. It was only after I tried experimenting with the dial ( mostly by pulling at the same force and turning the dial very slowly) was I able to discover that it worked backwards! The numbers 1 to 9 were written from left to right, and as the number increased, so did the tension or tightness increase. Ergo, the more I turned it to the right, the tighter the tension.

I see; so even my sewing machine is turning Japanese (from right to left for the best looseness). But of course, it's a Japanese brand! *laughs at her own idiocy*

I love my Brother Sewing Machine. Yes, I do.

Back to work, sewing the ribbons in place.

The finished re-hemmed skirt. (Yay!)

A close-up of the ruffle/ s-scroll work.


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