The Galaxia Atari Skirt. (February 19, 2008)

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Hello, everyone.

About three weeks ago, I discovered a quite quirky printed patterned Japanese cotton in an unfrequented shop in SM Megamall. I had been waiting for payday to purchase the pretty, and quickly snatched up three yards of this with my boyfriend. He chuckled over the print, and was pretty much surprised to see this.

The Galaxia Print was screaming to be made into a skirt, Oh, yes.

I had realized after the purchase that the material's airiness proved to be a double-edged sword: while it was indeed lightweight and cool to the legs, I couldn't help but feel unsure how opaque it would stay in sunlight, or any bright light, for that matter. but we loves the pattern, and make use of it we will.

So, we find ways.

I set aside two hours a day in my 5-day working week to finish the project. Drafted the patterns on Monday, cut the cloth out on Tuesday, "serging" the pieces on Wednesday, wrestling with a temperamental sewing machine and eventually putting everything together on Thursday. I wore it to work on Friday, much to my satisfaction.

Galaxia Cloth and Teal

I decided to use teal polyester fabric to serve as an underskirt to the the Japanese cotton. It was also quite cool to the skin, and fluttered quite nicely in the air.

Finshed Atari Skirt

The finished skirt.

Atari Skirt Model

Me modelling the skirt.

I was horrified at first to see how the skirt reminded me of something a fishmonger might wear for an apron in a wet market. (The double layers seemed like a good idea, at the time.) After a few much-needed hours of sleep, I decided to suck it in, wear the skirt, and all be damned if someone much as raised a snicker.

I'm actually quite happy with it now, save for the niggling idea of a market apron in the back of my mind. A few people I asked suggested I shorten the teal underskirt by a few inches.

So people, what do you think: to shorten or not to shorten?


Update: It seems the skirt didn't want a double layer after all. More on this in a future post.


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