From the Desk of Charlie Chan, Part II

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

... or in this case, should I say Mr. Oddjob?

Caveat: this post will feature a loooooong lineup of pictures taken by the clever and uncanny Mr. Francis Botavara. If you find shots like these not quite to your liking, may I suggest setting your sights on the next post above? Rejoice: you have at least enjoyed a wonderful picture and some information on the mysterious Mr. Oddjob.
Okay, Part I. So... where were we?


AJ declared the day after to be dress-up-and-take-pictures day. So, I played along, we puttered about in a room for Francis to take our shots and play around with light, and wow.

I must admit, I felt uncomfortable being in front of the camera, but once he started clicking away, man, things started coming off and how! Er, like my shyness, for starters. ^_^"

Yes, I liked it, and Francis knows how to make a woman beautiful. What a man.



AJ, what a vixen she is. I love her, and I love her confidence, and how she makes passionate love to the camera. I so wish I had her come-hither flair. ;) 

 And her hair! She has such gorgeous hair. 


I told her once a painter could use this as a model for the cover of a suspense-romance novel. :)

Mumu (ghost) shot. Scares the baddies away. 

I see this and think of disco-gummybear-baby. 

I am so in love with this picture of hers. I mean look at it! It's sexiness and allure and crafty-ness all rolled up in one hot tamale. what is there to not love?
And, er, well, there's me. 


I will save this shot for when I rule the world someday. 

 That's Miss Oddjob to you, punk.

Bless Fleeb's heart for a beautiful shot, but I do believe this picture will give me nightmares. 

Right, class, turn to page forty-two of your books, and Calvin, put down that tube of paste this instant. 

Aaaah. Well. 

So yeah, I gotta admit I did have a lot of fun. and Fleeb is a genius. Sheer, absolute genius. 

The very next day, I decided I badly needed a haircut. And so I did. 

Francis P. Botavara, or Fleeb as he is called by his friends, may be contacted at Fleeb [at], or you can visit is site (still in construction) here. Tell him I sent you. :) 


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