Having Clair Over

Wednesday, February 03, 2010 Jonette 11 Comments

Spotted: Rozen Maiden's Shinku with Detective Kunkun, 
seen on a tarpaulin at a net cafe up out street. 

I was pretty excited for last Saturday evening. Good crafting buddy and all-around gal pal Clair was coming over to stay for the night! Yay for sleepovers! 

It was all wonderful fun: she met Tweed, and was very careful around him. It was so cute seeing them together! the cat was quite hesitant at first. He had this look on his face that went "Who are you and why are you rubbing my belleh, human?" Soon enough, it soon dawned on Tweed and he resigned himself to the truth of yet another recruit of his slowly-growing army. 

Yes. My cat will soon have an army of adoring women to take over the world. I'm just here to open the cat food. XD 

Tweed indoctrinates his new willing recruit. 

After a simple dinner of fried milkfish (daing na bangus) and hot rice, we chatted some more. It seems the cat was more interested in a quick nap instead of fish: 

It must be noted that the moment Tweed had settled in James arms, every time he'd would shift position, the cat would miaow. Loudly. His Royal Highness' beds (yours truly included) should have no problem keeping perfectly still, after all. 

James was a wonderful host that night too. He was such a big help putting dinner and breakfast together, and he kept the fun, geeky conversation flowing. My man is awesome. :)

After we convinced Tweed to get back on his feet (to which he petulantly turned about and hopped onto the top of the fridge to glare at us), we set the futon and pillow and blanket down for Clair, and as I promised, I taught her how to knit. 

At least, I think I did. 

For a southpaw, teaching a right-handed person makes for a very interesting experience. that evening I learned: 
  • how to cast on with my right hand; 
  • how to describe all-too-familiar movements in a concise and comprehensive manner -- and failing horribly; 
  • and how my tawdry tendencies will at some point come out in my instructions. ("Okay, take him from behind, go out the other side, loop it 'round once, pull through and up... and tell that other bugger to shove off.") What was I teaching her? English knitting. 
Ghastly, I tell you. 

Despite her nervousness, Clair was doing magnificently well for her first try! She picked a pair of US Size 5 knitting needles made in good steel, as a skein of Lion Brand's CottonEase in Hazelnut. she knitted and purled and knitted for all it was worth, and I could never have asked for a better first student. 

Nor could have I asked for a more patient one! sometimes, when you get so used to it, you often forget some indispensable basics: do you loop clock-wise or counter clockwise? How do your help twisted stitches? and if a loop slips, how do you get it back? I realized there was also still much for me to learn, but I was glad Clair was so patient, and stayed with me though it all. :) 

Sunday morning saw us glowing over a platter of crisp-cooked spam, cheesy omelette, and bowls of hot rice. No sooner than the dishes were done, Clair and I set to purling while James went playing Torchlight again.  

Look at her! Just look at her! Isn't she splendid? 

Soon after, she took James and I out to a delightful spread of pizza, pasta, and piping-hot nachos, and recovering from an appropriately named food coma, we bade our goodbyes. 

Here's her account of the sleep-over. I assure you it is much more scrumptious than mine. 

I am very happy to hear that she now finds continental knitting more to her liking. Can't say much for myself on this but hey! I'm glad she's found an easier way to knit, and that's all that matters. 

Here are a couple of videos that teaches you how to English knit and Continental knit. No shoving poor stitches off here, I assure you. 

Tweed is currently wondering where his new human went, but we do believe he'll be seeing more of her again in the future. Hope to have you over again, Clair! :) 


  1. Sleepovers are always fun! Gosh, I miss PJ party with my brother and sister, we always die with laughter with all our silliness and reminiscing on old times.

  2. They most certainly are! you're lucky you have great siblings to have laugh-trips and maybe pillow fights with. Truth be told, my brother's still to young!

    the best part of sleepovers for me? The chatting late into the wee hours of night, and feeding my guests well in the morning. Very well. :D

  3. What an adorable cat! Yes, feel free to add me to your blogroll.

  4. You know, knitting is one of the 28 things I need to do before I turn 28 on the 28th of April (next year). I may have to hound you for tips then ;)

  5. @Meream, sure thing! It's super easy-peasy. If you're comfortable crocheting, then you'll find knitting interesting. You just have to start learning how to begin, and end. Once you understand the two most basic stitches are actually one and the same thing turned inside out, you're all set. :)

  6. yes, the late talk and midnight snacks are always the best. I miss the old days.

  7. We must do this again soon!!! And next time let's make sure we get to play Zombie Fluxx. I am sure James will enjoy that :D

    Thanks for being a very patient teacher. My goodness, I was terrible at remembering things so I am glad you were patient to show me things slowly. I am still making mistakes and am progressing so slowly but at least I get to practice ne?

    You and James were very nice to me last weekend. And Tweed was being his cat self XD It was so great! Hope to visit you soon enough XD

  8. Clair! Zombie Fluxx? Sounds awesome. yeah, James and I'd be up for that. ;)

    Thank you for being a very patient student, Clair! It was fun and crazy figuring out things with you. Hope the continental stitch is helping you get more accustomed to knitting. :)

  9. I miss meeting up with you! I just saw this somewhere on one of your blog posts and I have memories flashing back in my mind.

    Tweed! He terrified the puppy the morning I was at your place. XDDDD I miss your cat too.

  10. Yay! We should meet up again. I'm prepping my (belated) holiday gifts for you. We'd better coordinate on this! :D


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