Shopping with the Boyfriend

Sunday, February 28, 2010 Jonette 4 Comments

It's one of those sultry Philippine evenings when you really should start writing that really long DIY post, but you're adjusting from a 36-degree Celsius mid-afternoon to a 26-degree evening, and the cat's pouncing on your toes and the boyfriend's on his DS beside you and it's just too pleasant a night to be splitting hairs over teeny-tiny things, so there.

It's been a pleasant Saturday. James and I settled to a pancake-and-sausage brunch. What was special about the sausage patties were that they were from McDonald's, courtesy of Sheryll, an office pal. Feeling all tuckered out from work, we settled down for sleep.

We awoke at 3:30pm and started prepping for dinner out and an impromptu shopping trip!
We opted for a quick meal at Burger King. While I was waiting in line, I noticed two Caucasian men waiting in another line, speaking either in German or Irish, I couldn't quite tell. What was rather telling though was one of them had robotic prosthetic appendages, one a black fiberglass arm apparatus with pincer-hooks, and a sleek, matted chrome, piston-mechanized leg attachment. Wow. I don't know what the guy must have gone through, and I'm sure it was not pleasant, but wow. He had these two fine pieces of machinery to help him get back to being an awesome human being. Huzzah for Science!

That reminds me a lot of a talk Aimee Mullins gave on how her prosthetics give her super-powers, and how it has changed her perspective of beauty.

We next had a quick trip to a number of shops: Neutral Grounds for some Magic: The Gathering decks, GameSpot for a Nintendo DS cable, Comic Odyssey for card sleeves, and Saizen for a few personal care items. We were alarmed to find out it had struck 8:00pm, and we hurried over to the department store to pick out, as James needed:
  • t-shirts, 
  • a pair of cargo shorts, 
  • and some slippers for stepping out. 
There's a brand in the men's department we really like. Portside offers printed shirts at a very affordable price. It's the pop culture reference prints that always keep us coming back for more. James got a Back to the Future shirt and a Street Fighter Select Screen shirt. I opted for a Ziggy Stardust print. Too bad they didn't have the Space Invader print in our sizes. Ah well, another time.

Oh, and did I mention the shirts only went for P130 each? :) 

It's great that Portside also had cargo shorts among their offerings. James picked out a military green pair, and  had me take a look at them as he tried them on. Interestingly, they looked more like military breeches than shorts! They lookd quite spiffy on him. Now, all he needs are riding boots, a crisp shirt, and one of these, and he's all set. Yep. ^_^♥

We were about to call it a day as we lined up to pay for our items when our saleslady came up to give us a 25% discount sticker for James' shorts. I practically saw the light-bulb switch on in his head. ^o^ We went prowling next for a quick-and-inexpensive pair of slippers until we found ourselves in a deeper part of the men's shoes section. I wasn't all too sure about the first pair we found -- the color was just right for stepping out in flip-fops, but I wasn't too comfortable with the stiff plastic straps on them. (Trust me -- It's no fun having to withstand your skin scraped raw by slipper straps, much more so when you've stepped out for a date with the loved one.) 

I'm glad the salesman was very helpful. He offered us a softer, lighter alternative in Banana Peel.  I got hooked in with their fun and funky prints, but once I felt how soft and light these slippers were, I was convinced. (Too bad the Gundam print slippers weren't available in James' size; I'm sure he would have grabbed a pair in a heartbeat.) Nonetheless, we settled for an understated olive-green pair with black straps; the print would not overpower whatever outfit he chose for the day, and the color combination would work well with his wardrobe palette. Not bad for P135, too! 

It's been quite a while since I experienced shopping for clothes again, much more with James. It's kind of funny to note that for the longest time that I've been making my own clothes, buying clothing for myself now feels alien to me, haha! Aaah, well. 

I just have this feeling -- and I don't doubt this will indeed come to pass -- that one day, I just might slice up my shirts and turn them into something completely different, and by the gods, I do hope wearable. ^_^

Once more with feeling: Ziggy Stardust, and a little sneak peek at my next post. ^_~*


  1. Haha that is one cool shirt. I'd wear that! Haha

  2. Awesome! Thanks! There were Al Pacino Scarface shirts, and The Three Stooges shirts, and a Playboy bunny shirt, so yeah, lots of pop culture there for you.

    There was even a Daily Planet cover of the Justice League made to look like 1950's newsprint. aaah! :D

  3. Is that in Galleria? I love buying shirts and love it even more if it's affordable. Do they have female shirts too? DK and I likes to buy the same design of shirts but hated wearing said clothes at the same time.

  4. Gene, yep, Galleria! as for female shirts, I'm not too sure if Portside has baby tees for the ladies. I try to cheat a bit with the sizes to make it look more feminine, hehe. I think it's kinda cute how you and DK like to buy the same prints. It could be fun if you both decide to wear said shirts in a convention or fun outdoor event, ne? :)


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