here comes the week. Bye, week.

Saturday, February 13, 2010 Jonette 3 Comments

Hi all.

The week has been dreary full, and it's Valentine's eve. Valentine's eve! Here's extra-big hugs and kisses to all you lovely people. Mwahmwahmwah!

I've some grocery bags beside me filled with, in no particular order, a French batard, a small can of pate de foie, cream cheese, olive oil, cinnamon buns, breakfast loaf bread, and all purpose cream. The Whopper burger patties, frozen veggies, and frozen strawberries are waiting for me in the office pantry freezer.

It's 5am right now, Manila time, and I've quite a number of chores waiting for me at home. (Oh, Mr. Internet provider, wakeupwakeupwakeup!) So, before I do take my leave, here's a summary of the week that was:

see you all on Monday with full stories to each of these!


  1. Is that a pictorial of yours? I like it! Looking forward to know what's behind the picture.

  2. Computer engineer (?) Barbie! Haha awesome.

  3. @Gene: Thanks, Gene! Finally posted most of the pictures from the shoot here. The man is a genius.

    @Meram: exactly! I never played with Barbie during my younger years, but this just blows my mind for some reason. :)


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