The week that was.

Saturday, February 06, 2010 Jonette 4 Comments

This week has been a great big mix of sorts. Not like potpourri mix or mixed nuts, but more of Aaahomgwtfbbsauceonfire!

That's why I'm hiding behind this wall. See? Is safer behind wall. Keeps crazy away. Well, mostly because I have enough crazy in my head to deal with, but that's a given. 

See the teeny teddy panda on the left? He's supposed to hang from a suction cup and peek in on my French boss, Guillaume. Guillaume is a pretty nice dude. Now, the teddy bear is not peeking. He has plastered his face to the glass panel. It is 4:00am, Saturday. Yep, that crazy here. 

Blue nails. I love blue nails. Looking at them makes me feel self-assured and happy and young again. I always wanted blue nails ever since I was in high school. the metallic deep blue kind, like Superman blue. 

Oh, and in the 3d stop-motion animation, Coraline had blue nail polish too. See? 

Well, not as blue as mine, but you get my drift. I just really love the film and the book, not necessarily in that order. Did you know Coraline's sweaters were all hand-knitted? Now you do. Yay! 

Guia learned how to cast on and knit in only 15 minutes! Yay! Good gal pal and workmate Guia asked me to teach her some knitting basics to keep sane.  (Isn't that the reason we all take up knitting?) So, with a lesson looming overhead at 9:45, we began our quick session at 9:30. Gadzooks! She picked up casting on really quickly, and we struggled a bit with deciding whether to teach her Continental or English knitting. I really wanted to teach her Continental to help he knit easier, but it seems I just can't get the hang of it for the life of me! Boohoo.

Nonetheless, Look at her go! 

**Learn to Knit in 15 Minutes!**
*results may vary

Here's to a great start for you, Guia! Keep on knitting! :) 

The sewing machine has ceased its screeching! Aaah, thank the gods. I was rather worried for the last two projects that there was something terribly wrong inside the sewing machine, and I was deathly afraid to open her up to see what was the matter. Good sewing friends Mary and AJ and Clair echoed in unison: Sewing Machine Oil. I finally decided to unscrew the metal panels off her, oil her gears and wheels, and now she's as good as new, no more screeching, no more wailing! 

Tweed got stitched. There was a ghastly large wound that had suddenly sprouted on the base of Tweed's tail. Horrifying! It also started getting worrisome when Tweed's wound kept opening despite that it had scabbed quite nicely the night before. 

I brought him to the nearest vet in the area to get to the bottom of this once and for all. The doctor surmised that he might've gotten into a fight, and his wound would need proper cleaning and sewing up. I'm quite thankful that the wound was not very deep. 

Tweed was feisty. Very feisty. It took two men to hold him down as the doctor injected local anesthesia, scraped bad tissue away, and disinfected the wound. I was thankful the cat didn't have it in his head to scratch or bite, even as the doctor began stitching. This makes him a good kitty in my book. 

True enough, the source of the would was a fight. Ate Osang, my housemate, told me she had seen a huge black-and-white Tom steal into the house when the kitchen window was open to gobble up Tweed's food. (oh noez!) Despite that the big bully was twice Tweed's size and mass, our valiant feline faced him off. And lost, and got hurt. But he most certainly didn't go down without a fight!

Our hero needs a lot of TLC now. I think you will agree. 

So now, we are to give him antibiotics every night for a week, hand-feed him, and make sure his drip water bottle stays full. He is to wear a plastic satellite-dish collar (at least, that's what I call it) 'round his neck for 7 days. And keep it on. It is understandable that the second requirement does not sit too well with him. 


Hang in there, baby! 

In the meantime, let me leave you with a fantastic collection of animated stereoviews of old Japan, courtesy of  Pink Tentacle. What's a stereoview, you say? Why, it's something like this: 


  1. Get well soon Tweed! Don't you just love pets with that thing around their necks. They look helpless but cute, not helpless in a sadistic kind of way ha. Oh, Coraline! I love that book! I'm not sure if it was shown here or not but I downloaded a copy of it, shhhh.

  2. thanks for the greet, gene. will pass it on to Tweed. :) You won't believe it, but Tweed has already devised a technique for eating and drink from his bowls with the collar on. He is one schmott cat, this one. He's also already figured out how to jump onto his favorite elevated areas, like the top of the fridge or the bed. He tumbles over from time to time though. Still has trouble balancing his additional weight, haha!

    As for Coraline... Yeah, it's a crying shame it wasn't shown here on the silver screen. If MTRCB says it was too scary for kids here, I am sooo rolling my eyes at them.

  3. Awww poor Tweed. But he looks adorable in his satellite cone neckpiece thingy Haha :D

    And thanks for the nail polish goodness reminder. Gotta color my nails again. I've missed blue polish :)

  4. Meream, thanks! I gotta admit though: I do sometimes take his satellite collar off him at times so he can groom himself and eat properly, but when he starts nipping at his stitches, oh no! Back the collar goes on!

    and funky nail polish is <3. I've been thinking of shopping around for more shades of blue, but must have discipline! :D


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