Video: Les Dangereux.

Friday, February 19, 2010 Jonette 2 Comments

Because Valentines' Day should really be an everyday affair. Even for ninjas.

Les Dangereux from RedForty on Vimeo.
A vacationing ninja finds true love, but it's much more than he expected.


Story, Development, Animation, Shading, Lighting, Compositing, Modeling, and Direction by Daniel Klug
Environment Artist: Vicki Shively
Additional Props: Brett Stuart
Music performance: Alexa Sage
Music Editing: Marc Jackson of Moonlab Studios
Sound Effects: David Guerrero
Character Rigs:
Done with Maya 2009, MentalRay, and AfterEffects. Total time to completion: 9 months.

I start AnimationMentor back in March of 2008. This is the culmination of everything I have learned (animation-wise) from that point on. All other CG has been learned from my time of employment at New Wave Entertainment (5 years).

The film's site:

My animation reel:


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  2. Really? Gosh thanks, Gene! Will check this out soonest I can. :)


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