Boyfriends can be crafty too

Friday, January 29, 2010 Jonette 5 Comments

First things first: Happy wedding Anniversary, Mama and Tito Tom! Here's to more good years to come for the two of you!

Now then.

Here I have proof that James once upon a time flexed his creative muscles (and set my heart a-flutter in the process), even if he won't admit it.

For our first Christmas as a couple, he gave me this:

It just crossed my mind -- you kinda get the idea how he must've started out all patient and neat and orderly and started getting excited halfway. :)

A round of applause, ladies and gents! The man does his best, and I am proud of him. 

Now this cut, glued, and decorated box housed these babies:

His best-of-the-best Mech Warrior troops. For me.
My first private army.

and more of them in the box.

We never quite got a round to having a proper game with these bad boys ever since he gave me this box. but you know what the sweetest thing about this is?

Whenever I'd go to sleep, or get sick, and I'd text him, he'd reply: "all right, men, secure the area. safeties off, show no mercy, nothing gets through. we've got a lady to protect." ♥


  1. That's so sweet! And he really knows what you like and make extra effort to make like what he gives.

    I don't know why but Daddy K seemed to have been stripped of his romantic side since we got married. Makes me want to smack his head sometimes.

  2. Hee, thanks. To be honest? This was something he gave me all the way back in 2004, thereabouts. I think this started when I first gave him a the full season of Fumoffu! within a Burger-shaped CD-case... within a hand-made, over-sized brown paper bag with this logo. (Yes, I wasn't supposed to do that. sorry! ^_^") and then, he responded in kind.

    Man, those were the days.

    I hear you. Sometimes, our men can seem unromantic and quite forgetful. ("Hello? Girlfriend, wife, over here? needs loving too, remember?") Maybe just give him time. Or be romantic. Or tell him. Believe me, sometimes James needs the subtlety of a sledgehammer to get it across, but when he does get it, he more than makes up for it.

    Hoping all the best for you and your Daddy K, dear. :) You guys'll be fine.

  3. So nice. :) Di niya lang siguro inaamin how crafty he could be XD In denial pa rin siya at this point.

    Your boyfriend is sweet. :D And geeky. Geeky crafting is awesome!

  4. Super, Clair! Really, sometimes our men have no idea how awesome they are. Must remind them every now and then. :)

  5. Indeed~! They are so lovable in their own ways. We be lucky girls! ^__^


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