Ureshii: 11

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 Jonette 0 Comments

Painting by Audrey Kawasaki.

Sometimes browsing through images helps you focus. A blue rainy window. Backlit paper parasols. The words "I'm out of clever things to say". Red orbs on bare branches hanging against a heavy. blue sky. Clothes wearing a woman in bed.

That sort of thing.

So, what has been happening lately? I've been crocheting hats and more hats, and now I'm trying my hand at knitting one. I'm starting off with this particular piece in earthy brown, just to see how it looks in real life. 

I'm hungry. Oh, just a passing thought.

A few weeks ago, I've also finished a second denim skirt made of two pairs of jeans. Yep, that's right, two -- and it feels just as heavy. Truth be told, it feels like I'm wearing something made from a World War II parachute, haha! but it's funky and pocket-y and I love how the tough material moves when I walk. Makes me feel like an ancient forest ranger.

Pics and a proper post to follow, I assure you.

Recently, James and I have been entertaining ourselves with two things.

  The first one is Torchlight, a game that we like to describe as Diablo Light, or Diablo's baby brother. I love it for the art, the gameplay, the fantasy-steampunk-y feel to it, and um, the dressing-up bit. Oh, if only the female range fighter's armor didn't get more stripperific the higher she levels. but at least you get to have a pet who will help you fight, carry a portion of your booty and take it back to town to sell. Er... Items! I meant items!

The second item (or items?) on our list would be a number of decks James composed from the humongous tin box of Magic:The Gathering in my bedroom. Y'see, one of my cousins bequeathed this box to me a long time ago and told me to keep it well. James soon discovered the box, and here we are, putting decks together, mixing, matching, experimenting.

the box in question.

We do our best to sort the cards by color, then by creature and non-creature types, then by name. This pretty much confirmed that I'm terrible with names, but I'm better with faces -- in this case, art.

a sea of blue -- and that's not even half the contents of the box. 

The ability's not much game-wise, but I think the art and the creature concept is pretty.

Tweed being ghostly.

James sifting through the cards. I love this shot of him.

So! For now, I'm being a good little employee, giving lessons, finishing reports on time, and coming to work early. In between, I work with yarn, and when I get home, I plop right into bed and get some sleep. I've got two big projects niggling at the back of my head -- a pair of sort-of-tailored, zippered drawstring pants for my dad, and the corset for the corset challenge. *sigh* Well... we'll see. I'd best get around to these one way or another.

Other things we've been on:

  • Movie time! We've recently enjoyed watching  James Cameron's Avatar on 3D, and Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. and before that, we've had a back-to-back viewing of District 9 and Terminator: Salvation on James' PC. Nothing quite like having a mini-movie theater for two, with chips and cold A&W Cream Soda in reach. :D Avatar and and District 9 do rightfully deserve their accolades. The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus may bewilder and befuddle at first, but just look closer, and leave your judgement at the box office. As all Terry Gilliam movies, this one is honest, unpretentious, and invites you to have a sense of wonder to better understand it. Terminator: Salvation? Honest opinion: Sam Worthington is the better actor.  

  • Brian Jacques' Redwall series. It's high adventure, cryptic riddles, secret chambers, a bit of romance,epic battles and above all, good vegan home cooking -- with woodland creatures as players. Trust me -- It's better than it sounds. We owe our thanks to workmate-and-neighbors Irl and Ditas Pangilinan for making us cheer for valiant mice and light-hearted hares. Eulaliaaaa! 

Somewhere out there, the Redwall Cookbook is waiting for us to find it. Oh, yesssssirree.

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