Liking people is addicting.

Friday, January 29, 2010 Jonette 2 Comments

Work aside, I would like to think I was most productive today. I've been doing nothing but bloghop all day, reading entries, writing comments, being a happy voyeur. It makes me happy reading about happy people's lives in happy blogs and seeing happy handmade pretty things on my monitor screen.

I feel so happy I've forgotten to use punctuation. Except where it counts, I think.

It's 4:20 in the morning, Manila time, and I am still here online. I blame lovely creative people who have lovely creative friends, and bakers and crafters and hilarious people. Observe: My blogroll has now begat more wee bloglinks. Amazing people practically jumping all over the place. It's beautiful.

Observe: we may now exchange badges like cyberspace boyscouts. except we won't need to explore the wilderness. Maybe we should; makes life more exciting that way.

And I says you want to bring this adorable little squidy home. Yes you do.

And you want to make a badge for your own blog -- if you have one, which is a wise choice indeed --, and tell me about it so I can arrange it with the rest of the badges up yonder with love. It will be like a little love letter from you to me, and I will hug it and kiss it and call it George. I love showing people's loves.

I must come back to these blogs and comment. Everyone loves to hear "you're awesome" because it's true.

You will also notice a small with text box on yonder sidebar that invites you to ask me anything. Really. Ask me a question, any question. It will be like petting a box-shaped puppy dog, or rubbing a box-kitty. Without claws.

Sometimes, I will answer the questions in a blogpost. I would love to. Answering questions can be fun, specially when done as a part of a balanced diet, in front of people. Or no one.

Happy, creative people are part of my soul's diet. I like keeping it rosy-pink healthy by meeting more happy people. Good good. Yum yum.


  1. Thanks for putting up my badge in your blog. I also grabbed your badge which is way better than mine. I'm feeling down these days and have no creativity whatsoever.

  2. Thanks! I like your badge -- it's simple, clean, and relaxing to look at. :) Easy on the eyes, it is.

    Would you believe my blog template and badge were designed by an office-mate chum of mine? He makes really awesome designs if you let him at it. :)


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