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Thursday, January 28, 2010 Jonette 4 Comments

It's a so-so day here at the office right now. I'm still getting used to some changes in report-writing; I've run into some snags here and there with a number of word-editing software, but so far, things are slowly getting easier to do.

But enough officespeak. It's time for pretty things.

Soldier at  ease. I'd like to think he was playing twinkle twinkle little star.

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from bunnylogic's Etsy store.

Art on Pencils by GhostPatrol. 

 from fffffound!

It's so silly, and I love it! :D

Pretty scarves. Want! (or want make!)

I wonder what it'd be like to live in an apartment like this. :)

And now's Anna Banana's just told me she's a-craving for chocolate cake. Chocolate cake.



Oh, Jonette, why do you torment yourself so? :D

In the meanwhile, here's a five-minute chocolate cake recipe.


This piece is lovelovelove.

I think I stopped breathing when I saw this picture. Thanks, Mon!

I've also been about looking for inspiring and lovely blogs today. Right now, I am loving Elsie Flannigan's A Beautiful Mess, and Danielle Hampton's Sometimes Sweet. Elsie's images, paintings, and DIY projects are a joy to peruse, and Danielle's Tattoo Tuesdays (and tattoos in general) have wonderful insights to ladies' tattoos, the stories behind them, and more.

Oooh, and there's also Minnie Matsumoto's Mini Nail Blog. She makes the cute-cute-cutest nails with the cutest designs! I also love how she has this sweet, refreshing outlook on life. I don't wear nail art for fear of losing a pretty nail or two while going about with my chores, but after seeing her creations, they kinda make me wish I did! This set is a particular favorite of mine. that's Charming, Minnie's sweet cockatiel. :)

I resolve to wear nail polish and maintain my nails well instead of biting them. Nasty habit of mine when I feel all antsy about something -- or nothing in particular!

Other links that've entertained me today:
Here's the first of three parts of Episode 1, though. The anime's really cute!

Watch Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.


  1. Oh gosh. So many linkies! I love the pictures. :) They are so inspiring.

    I miss taking pictures. Your post reminds me to go out and explore the world with my camera once more. :D

  2. I'd love to see more of your pictures. they inspire me too. :)

  3. Maybe we should bring our cameras the next time we meet :D And take lots of pictures of things we see. XD And of each other too!

  4. Oh gosh. That'd be lovely! It would certainly do me well to learn from you, o master. ;)


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