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Tuesday, January 05, 2010 Jonette 3 Comments


Thelma has just been with me for two weeks, and here I am (again!) loading up my to-do list with sewing projects. (naku, as if my plate wasn't full to begin with!) The owl duster above is one of them. I plan to turn this into a dress or top, because owls with fatal stares are awesome.

The owl from above. He can still see you.

I'm also in the middle of another jeans-to-skirt conversion, this time I'll be cannibalizing another pair of jeans (black denim, P159 from the Ukay-Ukay shop near James' place) to add to the material. let's see how this turns out.

The last jeans-to skirt conversion happened sometime in February last year. As a common dilemma among buxom women, our jean thigh areas wear out the quickest and develop nasty holes as a result. The jeans-to-skirt, as well as a deep-seated desire to start wearing girlier things, was the end product.

Me in the skirt, circa Feb '09.

My skirt has seen me through thick and thin, and I fear it's just about ready to retire. For some reason, no matter how much I sew it back together, the seams just keep fraying and undoing themselves. The waist, alas, has gone wide and unwieldy, and now constantly rests on my hips and droops forward in an awkward manner. It's been worn down to a soft, flowy texture. Now: do I frankenstein the skirt, or do I lay it to its rest?

Oh, jeans-skirt. You are good to me. Let's please not hurry and start using the Past Tense just yet.

Then there's a simple drawstring-plus-zipper-plus-pockets pants my dad's asked me to make him. He bought the material for me and helped me discern the right measurements to take. I've never tried making walking pants before, so this will be a first. :)

Then, there's the long-overdue corset challenge among my workmates Mary, AJ, Mon, and I (of which you may chart its halted progress -- thanks to Ondoy, the fiend -- here, here, and  here).  There's boning and backing and grommet-setters to still buy, and patterns to draft, and -- ack!

Okay, chill, girl. One thing at a time.


  1. I love your ideas with sewing. My mother in law gave me a pair of pants from ukay-ukay but it's too big for me. I was thinking of have it altered or turn it into a skirt BUT I don't have a sewing machine. I'll have to look for a mananahi in our area to have it altered. The ones in SM are too expensive!

  2. Hmmm, now that you mentioned tightening jeans, I recall Meream making a tutorial for that here. Will this help?

    Good luck! :)

  3. um... on second thought, maybe the tutorial will be helpfuil to you in the future, when you do decide to get a sewing machine. ^_^" Sorry about that.


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